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What happens to you in a world where you can’t see or where you’ve seen too much? How do you get out of bed? How do you stay safe walking down a street? How do you know someone has your back when it’s turned?

You need a companion. Someone to guide you through the parts of life many of us take for granted. Someone who knows your struggles and stands by your side through thick and thin. Someone who has the best smile and can brighten even the darkest moments.

We’re proud to announce our Signature Charity —

Help Us Raise $50,000 for the incredible organization!

Impact has been part of our foundation since Travel Planners International was founded in 1988. From that day on, TPI has been motivated to push forward in the travel industry by making it accessible for all business owners to launch and grow their travel agency. This is why we combine our efforts with leading philanthropic organizations to impact the quality of travel for our Rockstar Travel Advisors, their clients, and everyone who experiences the world through travel.

Because travel advisors help others see the world differently, and you’re moving your business Fiercely Forward every day, we have kicked off this year’s fundraising by adopting and naming a guide dog in your honor – Fiercely!

Together we’ll follow Fiercely from pup to student, to forever companion. Just as our advisors and agency owners focus their days curating experiences that leave a lasting and powerful imprint, so will Fiercely.

Don’t just think of this as a donation you can write off in your taxes (which, you can). You’re investing in someone’s freedom to enjoy the world around them, even if it’s just outside their front door.

Cute puppy with paw up

Why Southeastern Guide Dogs?

Who doesn’t love playing with puppies? And when those puppies grow up to be someone’s best friend, travel partner, and guide, how can we resist?

We were introduced to Southeastern Guide Dogs at our Annual Conference TPI Rocks when one of our Platinum agency owners, Chip Barker, had brought puppy Paul with him as part of his training. Chip, and his partner Chris, have been puppy raisers for Southeastern Guide Dogs since 1999.  One look at Paul and learning more about the Southeastern Guide Dogs mission, and we were hooked! We knew instantly that SEGD was the perfect Signature Charity.

A little bit about Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs throughout the United States. A nonprofit with a national reach, they train dogs of the highest pedigree for people who are blind, veterans, and children, providing premier dogs and lifetime services at no cost, without government funds.​ They’ve matched more than 3,200 guide and service dog teams since their 1982 inception, and currently have over 1,200 dogs under their auspices. Learn more.

South Eastern Guide Dog training team and dogs