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You’re New. That’s Awesome.

How New Are You?

We love newbies. In fact, 40% of our 4000+ Rockstars joined us when they were brand new to the business. We partner with you from the first point of contact to lead you in the right direction, and it is our obsession to see that entrepreneurial spirit of yours thrive in your own rockin’ travel agency biz!

We’ll walk with you every step of your journey, whether you are just looking into how to become a travel agent, or have been mulling it over for some time. How do you know if you’re new or kinda new? If any of these apply to you, then you’re considered a newbie.

No Training or Sales

Completed Training

Made a Couple of Bookings

Been Trying for a While but Need Help

What’s So Fabulous About TPI?

Yeah, there are lots of ways to become a travel agent online, but there’s no Host Agency out there like us. We get your go-getter, hard-charging, nonstop-till-you-reach-the-top attitude because that’s exactly how we roll. As one of our Rockstars, whether you’re a newbie or have got thousands of dollars of bookings under your belt, partnering with us will take your travel agency business to the next level and then some.


Preferred Supplier Relationships


Rockstar Community


Meetups & Events Per Year


Dedicated Support Staff Members

Let's Do This

Commission Without Us

When you go in alone, you don’t get the same benefits as when you partner with us.  Not only do you have to wait for your piddly commission checks to come from numerous suppliers, but only a small percentage of what you worked so hard for comes back to you.


*On Average

Commission With Us

With us as your Host Agency, you get more money in your pocket. All of your hard work booking trips for your clients deserves a better cut. Depending on your level of commitment to us, no matter what level it is, you’ll end up getting more than double the commission than if you didn’t use us as your Host Agency, and you get one big check twice a month. Easy Money. What’s not to like?


*On Average

Don’t Stress. Just Jump In. We Got You.

Information overload? Yeah, we know becoming a travel agent seems like it could be a pipe dream if you are new to the business, but that’s simply not the case when you’ve got us. When you are a member of the TPI Family of Rockstars, you can leave all the questions and doubt behind, because we’ve got your back. You do you, and we’ll so support you. As a Rockstar, you get:

  • Office Staff Support (They Work 9 AM – 6 PM M-F for You)
  • 24/7 Support from Our Community of Fellow Rockstars
  • Lots of Help with Promotions from Our Preferred Suppliers and Consortia, Signature Travel Group
  • Accounting, CRM, & Marketing Software to Keep You Organized
Travel Planners International comes with a slew of community support that's available to you 24/7
Headshot of Theresa Chu-Bermudez on chair
Joining TPI has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my business.

Rockstar Success Stories

I've worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today, and it's nice to know I have a company like TPI supporting me as I continue to make my place in the travel industry.

Theresa Chu-Bermudez
Get Out Custom Travels

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Being a home-based travel agent is a good side hustle if you love travel, problem solving, and the idea of being your own boss. We recommend working with a host agency like us as a resource for support. We have the expertise and ability to help you successfully start your new small business.

  • While no formal school is required, you need to complete industry training. We help you access this training and the steps after it. We help you with everything from how to book a flight to how to build an entire vacation!

  • Your first step is completing your industry training. Consider partnering with a host agency to guide you through the process of developing necessary tools. As a TPI Rockstar, we help you jumpstart your training process and grow along with you.

  • The biggest perks of being a travel agent include being your own boss, growing as a small business owner, sharing your passion for travel, and connecting with people to help them create a lifetime of memories!

  • To be a successful travel agent, you need an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for travel and strong attention to detail. You also need skills with customer service, sales, marketing, and business.

  • Yes! Consumers look for a guide to help them plan the best experience. Travel advisors have the expertise to make this happen. You have the ability to grow your own business by sharing your love of travel.

  • You need to find the best home-based travel agency business for you and your needs. Research how long they have been in business, what kind of support and training they offer, their travel partner connections, their commission split structures, and their community. You don’t want to get into this industry alone.

  • The most important job of a travel agent is helping clients plan their dream vacation and remove the stress of travel. They provide professional reviews and insight to match the right travel experience with the client’s goals. They book transportation, accommodations, experiences, cruises, and services.

  • Being a travel agent can be hard work every day of the week. However, honing your skills and expertise and working with a host agency can help so you’re never alone. The rewards of owning your own business and helping others make memories make the hard work worth it!