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Travel agents hold the key to the Amazon Rainforest, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. But a destination won’t survive if we don’t come together as a community.

Enter our #BetheCurator campaign. Actually, it’s more than a campaign. It’s a movement that encourages the travel industry to go beyond booking travel, influences the local community, and curates the future of our beloved destinations. Since you’re on this page, you’ve already taken the first step in wanting to curate a better world. Here’s step two: join TPI as we raise $50,000 for our signature charity, Tourism Cares. Tourism Cares is a non-profit organization that believes a destination is more than just a point on a map. They pride themselves on helping people and places thrive.

Don’t just think of this as a donation that you can write off in your taxes (which, you can). You’re investing in a cause that supports the beautiful locations our livelihood depends on. Click below to donate and ensure we create our deserved future.

Help Us Bring Awareness to this Movement

Don’t forget to post something that inspires you on Instagram with the hashtag, #BetheCurator. Make sure to follow the hashtag to keep tabs on how the rest of the industry is curating the future.


Wanna’ know more about Tourism Cares?
Tourism Cares, a 501(c)3 nonprofit*, unites the travel and tourism industry to benefit the people and places our industry depends on. We believe it’s in our best interest to support the destinations we all depend on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper.  Our members include leading travel associations and companies who we mobilize to use business as a force for good by convening, educating, and motivating all sectors to make a positive impact through travel.

Founded by NTA and USTOA in 2003, with representation from ASTA, IATAN and many of the industry’s leading companies and associations, we span and connect the entire industry to do better—together.