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LATAM AirlinesAs an independent travel agent, part of the job description is staying current with developments in the travel and tourism industries. One of the biggest changes in the world of airlines is the creation of the LATAM Airlines Group.

LAN and TAM Airlines consolidated in order to form their Preferred Partners Club and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of international travel.

The Formation of the LATAM Airlines Group

In 2012, two of the strongest airlines in South America combined forces in order to become the LATAM Airlines Group. The first part of the new name represents LAN Airlines, which was founded in 1929 and operates primarily out of Santiago, Chile.

The latter part of the LATAM name is attributed to TAM Airlines, which was founded in 1976 as a Brazilian air carrier. Together, the two companies are taking the travel world by storm, and they carried an impressive 65 million passengers in their first year alone.

All About the Preferred Partners Club

LATAM AirlinesThe Preferred Partners Club is an initiative started by the newly-formed LATAM Airlines Group. The club came about as a way to reward the long-term dedication of travel agents from around the world.

It is a designation that every agency and independent travel agent aspires to have. To become a member of the Preferred Partners Club, travel agencies need to be in the top 10 percent of agencies that work directly with LATAM Airlines Group.

The decision is based on data collected over time. There are a number of varying factors that qualify a travel agency for admission into the Preferred Partners Club.

Benefits to Travel Agents

Working for a travel agency that is a member of the Preferred Partners Club brings about many advantages for agents. There are a wide variety of incentives for travel agents who book clients on LATAM Airlines Group flights.

Financial benefits are plentiful, but there are also special commercial conditions, which can help you close deals with clients and earn even more in the way of commission.

No matter how you look at it, independent travel agents benefit from working hand in hand with a host travel agency that belongs to the Preferred Partners Club. Travel Planners International is one agency involved in this prestigious program, making it a top spot for independent travel agents to work.

Where LATAM Flies

LATAM AirlinesIn order to book customers on LATAM Airlines Group flights, it is important to know where they fly and what the various destinations have to offer travelers.

Fortunately, the airline flies to countless spots across South and Central America, each one a little more exciting than the last.

Travelers can fly to Santiago, Chile, and unwind in the world-famous Parque Metropolitano, a public park that also happens to boast a view of the Andes Mountains. Or, they might hop on board a flight to Rio to participate in the iconic Mardi Gras celebrations each spring.

Travel Planners International is one of the elite travel agencies allowed to participate in the Preferred Partners Club, offered by the newly-formed LATAM Airlines Group.

There has never been a better time for independent travel agents to make serious commissions, and score plenty of incentives and benefits, while booking clients to world-class getaways for business or for pleasure in destinations across Central and South America.