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  • A HOST agency is your partner in the travel industry. At TPI we work with over 4000+ travel agency business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself, providing you the highest commission levels with travel suppliers, relationships and training with each supplier, guidance, tools, back-office accounting support and ongoing education to run your business successfully. HOST agency’s retain a small portion of your commission to provide you this support.

  • As a member of the TPI Family, you’ll join our high-energy and passionate community of 4,000+ Rockstars just like you who’ve taken their travel business to the next level! Backed by our powerful resources, you’ll get more support, more connections, more cutting-edge technology and, most importantly, more commissions!

    With TPI on your team, you’ll be able to get more out of your business and work smarter, while boosting your profitability at the same time. So don’t delay – Get on board and become a TPI Rockstar today!

  • Launching a travel agency is a rewarding and profitable venture. Since you’re new to the industry, training is the first step in securing a solid foundation. With the right training, you’ll gain instant access to the proper knowledge, skills, and abilities that are crucial to your agency success. Our preferred training provider is Travel Agent Campus.

    After you have completed training there is a small start-up cost with TPI, based on the commission level and term of the agreement. Call us, so we can fully explain how it works. It’s easy and painless, promise!

  • At TPI we believe that it’s your business, we’re here to guide and help you build it, so our contracts are set-up annually, but you can opt-out any month along the way.

  • IATAN requires that you first make $5k in commissions before you can apply for your personal IATAN card. We have a department to help you obtain that.

    CLIA – TPI has waived the $5k commission minimum. Agents can join or renew directly with CLIA by logging into They must either create their own login (if they’re completely new to CLIA) or use their existing one. Once logged in, they’ll enroll for 2019 Individual Agent Membership (not to be confused with Agency Membership) by clicking on the TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL tab and following the link provided on that page.

    The membership will be valid for the calendar year (Ex:1/1/19 to 12/31/19). The annual cost is $115, but TPI agents get a $50 discount. Yahoo! Which will bring it down to only $65. Agents will enter their credit card information on CLIA’s website as part of the enrollment process and CLIA will charge their card directly. CLIA will mail the EMBARQ ID directly to the agent to the address on their CLIA profile.

  • We do not offer live leads. We focus on training our travel agent business owners to generate their own leads via our Marketing and Business Development Teams.

  • We offer a wide array of marketing support to help you market your business. Free email marketing software, Direct mail options, Social Media tools, and consumer website choices.

  • A consumer website is not included; however, we offer several options for consumer websites or you can build your own. We leave that up to you!

  • TPI offers Dynamic Invoicing to create customizable invoices and quotes to send to your customers. This tool does not replace submitting your sales through the accounting tool.

  • TPI invests in your business through a multitude of training programs. Advocate Meetups, TPI Insight, Rock Your Travel Biz, TPI Rocks, Vacation Nights, Supplier FAMS/Trade Shows, Friends of TPI Networking Events and Open House. Call us and we can tell you more about all the ways we support you as you grow your business.

  • We do not require this to join TPI, however, we encourage you to speak with your accountant and take advantage of all the benefits that come with opening your own business.

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With mentoring from Goulds Travel and the partnership with TPI, I am so excited to break into this industry and hopefully it will become my only career in the future!

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My name is Anastasia and I have been working in the restaurant Industry for over 10 years. During my career I have always wanted to learn something new but didn't really know what. After some time had passed, I learned that I can turn my love for travel planning into something lucrative.

Anastasia Sabapathy
Goulds Travel

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