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Our Rockstars’ Success Stories

Steven Gould

Goulds Travel

I started my career like many others, with big dreams and a passion for travel. I opened my business in 2010 as an independent agent — working on my own trying to take on the world. After finding a mentor in the industry, I was introduced to the idea of host agencies. I worked with several host agencies over the years, but joining TPI in 2012 was the best move for my business.

I have been able to earn top commission tiers from many different supplier partners, maintain one-on-one relationships with supplier representatives, and build the business that works best for me! Now, almost 10 years later, I have a storefront agency with a team of independent contractors, interns, a business development program for new and experienced advisors, and the tools I needed to elevate my business. This career is one that allows for creativity, flexibility, and unbridled growth for those who put in the effort to be successful.

Relationships remain the epicenter of our industry, whether it be with clients, suppliers, or even host agencies. The idea is to cultivate the right partnerships to get your business where you expect it to be. Over the years many people have asked “are travel agents still around?” My answer to them, “come meet my team!”

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