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You Want Me to Send Them Where? Or How to Become a Travel Rockstar by Sending Clients Where No One Else is Going

If you work in the travel industry you’ve heard it before: it’s extremely hard for small travel agencies to compete with the travel giants like Expedia and Orbitz. Honestly it’s a cold war the home-based agent will never win. But the smaller agencies do have several advantages, two of which are knowledge and access to more unusual destinations. Exotics are becoming more and more popular every day. Don’t get me wrong, the Disney vacation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But as vacation time dwindles in the US, travelers are looking for more one-of-a-kind travel experiences. And people are particularly focused on going to places where others aren’t. I will admit I include myself in this group. So as I was searching places I should visit where tourists aren’t going I stumbled upon Gunnar Garfors blog post “The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World”

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Spotlight on: Viking River Cruises

A river cruise takes the best aspects of cruising, and combines it with the best of a guided tour.  Unpack only once just like on a cruise, and explore the cities you’ve dreamed about visiting.  River cruises are much more convenient than a land tour, and can visit ports that traditional cruise ships can’t reach.  And with Viking River Cruises you’ll “spend less time getting there and more time being there”.

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The Truth About FAMs and Inaugurals

I know you’ve heard the whispers among the ranks.

Somewhere out there are free trips for travel agents; on new ships, to tropical destinations.   In fact anywhere a travel agent wants to go, they can go for free.

Those trips actually have a name in the industry: Familiarization trips (FAMs) and Inaugurals.  And it’s true –once upon a time (in the good old days) travel agents did receive a lot of perks, including free travel.  But times, they are a-changing, so let me give you the skinny on how FAMs and inaugurals are allotted by the vendors and how TPI disperses them.

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I’ve Been Everywhere Man…

...except on the Wordpress.  Sorry.  I'd like to give you an explanation (not an excuse I promise!).  So if you don't know already my full title is a three parter.  I'm the Marketing and Business Development Representative but I'm also…

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