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BDM-Spotlight: Ted Knight, Business Development Manager for Princess Cruises

Ted Knight, Princess CruisesTravel Planners International has asked me to provide a brief bio on my professional career. Sounds easy until I realized I have been in the travel business for over 40 years.

I started my travel career with Delta airlines in the early 70’s and over the years, I moved into the private side of the business as an agency owner and partner. We focused on commercial travel and charter and incentives. These programs were very lucrative at the time and provided me a wealth of experience in the private sector. As everyone knows, you learn quickly when your money is on the line for a ship charter. The knowledge gained in sales, administration and finance has provided an invaluable base of experience that I still draw on today. In the late 80’s, I received an offer I couldn’t refuse for the agencies and decided to find a new path to follow.  I was fortunate to work with many different companies until Princess made me an offer 1994. My dream job had arrived!

With 18 ships covering 6 continents and over 270 ports of call, Princess is a recognized leader in today’s cruise industry. We are proud of our relationship with leading agencies like Travel Planners International and I look forward to seeing everyone at this years Extravaganza.

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