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10 Ways Travel Planners International Provides Support for their Independent Agents

Learn how to Travel Planners International supports travel agents.As you walk into your home office or unlock the door to your travel agency, you take a deep breath.

Nervous energy pulsates through your body, and you wince as you sit in your chair and turn on your laptop. You log into your email and see a handful of confirmations. Your office is quiet – you can hear a pin drop.

It seems as if you’re never going to grow your travel business. You work hard and love what you do, but you stay awake at night and worry. You’re afraid you won’t have a successful travel agency and you’ll have to find another career.

Perhaps the answer to your problem is simple. That all you need is a host travel agency that understands how to help travel agents grow their businesses. Read on to discover how TPI agents get REAL support. You may want to join us.

10 Ways Travel Agents Who Join TPI Get REAL Support

Experienced Host Travel Agency

TPI is a full service family owned and operated host travel agency. With 27 years in the business, we’ve been supporting travel agents every step of the way. TPI’s dedicated business development team assists you with growing your travel business by developing tools agents want so they can meet their professional and financial goals. You can expect flexibility but you won’t be alone.

Support Your Customers

Customers book with independent travel agents because they want that personal touch and relief of knowing someone is knowledgeable about the travel industry. They believe that if they need help during their trip, they can rely on you to help them. As a host travel agency, TPI can assist your clients for a set period of time. All you do is pre-arrange for when you know you will be unavailable. TPI is more than happy to support your customers while you take care of personal or professional matters.

Ticketing after Hours

Independent travel agents are responsible for booking trips for their clients and facilitating wonderful travel experiences. But, your host travel agency should be able to handle after-hours ticketing services for a nominal fee. For example, TPI has a Reservation Center which is open 24 hours a day and can book air, car, and hotel reservations when necessary, or change existing reservations. This major support for your agency will solidify you and your agency as being a valuable asset to customers.Learn how to Travel Planners International supports travel agents.

Authority through IATAN and CLIA

To improve your credibility, you want to be associated with the International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN) and the Cruise Lines International Organization (CLIA). Through a sales threshold offered by your host travel agency or a certain number of training hours, you may become eligible for membership into one or both of these important organizations.

Marketing and Website Help

TPI has partnered with TravAlliance Media to convert our agents’ websites to Agent Studio, a great marketing asset that offers customization based on agent needs.  Agents may choose a free website (Basic) or two paid options (Pro Lite and Pro). With dynamic content and full social media integration, independent travel agents will be able to reach their customers in a smooth and seamless way.

Expanded Local Training

Travel agents want sales training, email marketing, social media, and networking. At TPI, we’ve expanded our T.E.A.M. program (Training. Education. Ambassador. Meetings) to include 27 local markets; we’ll add more in 2016. Members and non-TPI members gather together to network and share best practices. Everyone is provided with the opportunity to learn and grow.

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Incentives for You and Excellent Offers for Customers

Large host travel agencies like Travel Planners International have solid connections with top vendors and can negotiate exclusive deals for travel agents partnered with them. You might be eligible for special commissions or incentives based on vendor sales. When new travel agents partner with a host agency like TPI they have an advantage over others who try to go it alone – those agents don’t have the resources made available to them by a host travel agency.

Educating and Changing Consumer Perception

Independent travel agents want help changing consumer perception regarding the value of using an agent. This is why TPI is introducing a new website that will focus on educating the consumer on why they should use a travel agent. Consumers will find it easier to locate a specialized agent in their area. It’s a win-win situation.

Provide Profit Building Programs

TPI Price Advantage combines cruise group pricing with the ease of promotion for our agents. We negotiate and lock-in incredible pricing and cabin blocks with the most popular cruise lines. These prices are easily viewed on our private Agent Portal and with the click of button a branded e-flyer with your contact information is instantly created. Prices and amenities are locked in well in advance. As cruise dates get closer and the cruise lines increase prices, the agent can see the savings real time.

Three-Tiered Commission Levels

Travel Planners International offers some of the highest commission tiers in the industry, no long term contracts, and the ability to keep your own brand and identity. With our dedicated knowledgeable staff you are able to work from anywhere – home, a coffee shop, on the road, or a brick and mortar agency.

Imagine being with a host travel agency that offers you genuine support.

Instead of agonizing about how you’ll grow your business, you’re relaxed and look forward to each day with a spring in your step.

All because you got the support you want and deserve from a host travel agency. And more importantly, you’re gaining new clients.

Sound unrealistic? It’s not.

Travel Planners International supports independent travel agents – now all you have to do is become a member today.

Contact Travel Planners International and join today!

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