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5 Ways for Travel Agents to Win New Travel Customers

Sell travel with the help of Social MediaThat’s it. It’s over.

Another work week is gone and you wonder: why didn’t I gain new customers?

You worked 8-10 hours a day non-stop, but only booked a handful of new travel.

In fact, you probably worked longer hours than you should have.

Yet you can’t help thinking…

Is it normal to work more than 40 hours a week and only a book a few travel clients?

Will every day feel like an uphill battle?

Deep down you know something has to change.

Could it be that you don’t know how to gain new customers because no one showed you how to build your travel business? It’s not your fault. Remember, you must walk before you can run. Read on to discover the ways to win new clients. Start building and growing your travel agency today!

5 Ways Travel Agents Can Win New Customers

Social Media

The key to doing social media correctly is to master 2-3 networks. For example, you may start with Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind that these networks have different rules. Facebook is media driven, e.g., images and videos. While Twitter is still mostly text driven, you can upload images and videos. You can also take advantage of new tools such as Periscope (for iOS and Droid) and Meerkat (Twitter based). Both these live stream apps allow you to upload video in real time. Imagine showing potential clients your vacation videos and how much fun you’re having on a cruise or beach vacation. Make it exciting make people feel like they’re on vacation with you. Do this and customers will want to book travel with you.

Sell or buy travel from anywhereEmail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the highest converting digital marketing tools you can use. To build your email list, you can create a sign up box on your website and share a link on your social media networks. If you create a newsletter, include one original article (always get permission to reprint articles that you did not write), links to your website or blog and social media networks, pictures, and offers. If you have a ‘special’ offer, say a cruise vacation, you can send out a separate eBlast for that. Keep the tone of your newsletters conversational – do not talk down to your current and potential customers.


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Do not network for the sake of networking! Be strategic. You don’t want to waste time and money, joining networking groups that won’t drive leads and sales to your business. Consider becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce because it will lend credibility to your business. If you specialize in ‘business travel’, you stand a better chance of connecting with potential new clients. You may even receive multiple referrals. When done properly, networking can work for you and your business.

Family and Friends

To jumpstart your sales, why not ask family and friends to book travel with you? If you’ve been helping them plan vacations, you may as well get paid for it. Right? Since you’re building a business, they won’t mind helping you out by booking travel with your agency. Keep in mind that your family and friends have co-workers, bosses, networks, neighbors, etc. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals. Before your know it, you’ll have built a recurring stream of travel client and your business will be on the road to success.

Advertising and Marketing

Have you ever heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”? If you want to generate leads and sales, budget for advertising and marketing. You could advertise in your local newspapers or on Radio and TV. A 30-second radio spot can get your travel agency’s message out there during morning and evening commute times. Keep in mind that TV is rather expensive. But if you invest in one or two ads on selective programs, not channels or networks, you may receive a larger ROI. For example, if your travel niche is ‘outdoor excursions’, placing an ad on “Camping with Chris” is a more precise outlet for your funds. Through advertising and marketing, you can showcase your value as a travel agent and boost your business at the same time.

Picture your travel agency 2-5 years from now. Instead of struggling, your inbox is jammed with travel confirmations. Your phone rings all day.

Instead of being disappointed that your travel agency isn’t growing, it’s on the fast track to beat last year’s sales.

All because you’ve learned how to win new customers and keep them coming back. And more importantly, you’ve gained confidence and changed your outlook on running a business.

Not only are you booking travel but you’ve finally started putting money into a retirement fund, planning for your kids college education or saving for a new car.

Does this seem impossible? It’s not.

Roll up your sleeves, do the work, and believe that you can have a successful travel business.

You’ve got the ways to gain new customers – all you need to do is follow them.

Call us today to find out more about getting started with Travel Planners International.

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