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Booking Made Easier Thanks to a Hotel Consolidator

At the most basic level, working as an independent travel agent means finding customers and clients the best possible accommodations, transport, activities and entertainment that fits their needs and their budget.

Of course, agents are able to make a commission from that service. In order to set yourself apart from other travel agents, or even generic online booking services, it is important to offer a personalized service that makes customers feel that you helped them plan a trip that will make them happy.

One of the secrets of the trade is utilizing a global hotel consolidator like the one provided by ABC Global Services. Discover what a hotel consolidator is and how it can benefit you as well as your customers.

What is a Worldwide Hotel Consolidator?

HotelIn a nutshell, a worldwide hotel consolidator is a company that has special relationships with a variety of hotels and resorts around the globe.

This relationship makes certain hotels preferred partners or suppliers, resulting in lower average hotel rates in exchange for recommending clients to available hotels whenever possible.

It creates a win-win situation for both the companies providing accommodation and those booking the services, making it an obvious choice whenever it is available.

What Sets ABC Global Services Apart in the Travel Industry?

Within the travel industry, there are a number of different international hotel consolidators that independent agents and host agencies can choose from.

One of the highest-ranked in the business is ezBook by ABC Global Services. This brand has remained at the top of the travel industry for more than 30 years, proving its longevity in a competitive field.

ABC Global Services works by having established, long-lasting relationships with countless travel suppliers across the globe, making them a top pick for agents who are searching for a reliable hotel consolidation option whether in New York or Dubai.

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How Do Travel Agents Benefit from Hotel Consolidators?

HotelAs an independent travel agent, working with a global hotel consolidator can be a great option that provides a number of different benefits. ezBook by ABC Global Services, for example, offers commission rates as high as 15 percent as well as more than 200,000 hotel options around the world.

Independent travel agents can also enjoy extra perks like twice-monthly commission payments and optional service fees that you can use at your discretion.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages is having a streamlined and easy-to-access search engine available to you. This allows agents to search by price, location, star rating or type of establishment, which ensures that you end up with the perfect accommodation for your clients in any situation or any destination.

How Do Travelers Benefits from Hotel Consolidators?

It is important to note that although travel agents can benefit from the services of an international hotel consolidator, the benefits also apply to customers and travelers.

Booking through a company like ABC Global Services makes travelers eligible for ezXtras, or bonus amenities and perks that are available at well over 17,000 different accommodations across the globe.

Amenities such as complimentary wireless Internet, room upgrades, free parking and complimentary breakfasts make a stay more enjoyable and make you look like a top notch agent to your clients.

Hotel consolidators like ABC Global Services are an excellent way to book hotels around the world. Clients, travel agents and even hotels benefit from the arrangement in a multitude of different ways.


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