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Find Out Where Travel Agents Can Find Potential Clients

NetworkingIf you are working as a travel agent or plan to enter the industry in the future, your success will be largely dependent on finding clients. Travel agents who are able to accumulate a number of clients will be able to offer a greater amount of vacation packages, cruises and more, resulting in a higher income over time.

If you aren’t sure how you can gather more clients, these tips can be a helpful place to start. Above all, don’t be afraid to tell others what you do for a living, put yourself out there and hand out business cards whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Contact Friends and Acquaintances at Church

Church GroupIf you attend church, then you already have a built-in network of people who may trust you and be willing to work with you. Although religious services are not necessarily the right time to market yourself, social church events like potlucks after a service are a great opportunity to let people know what you do for a living.

Introduce yourself as a travel agent and provide church members with a way to get in touch with you in a church directory if possible.

Market Yourself to Friends in the Business World

Do you have any close friends or family members who work in large corporations? They can be your ticket to generating large corporate clients who book frequent trips for their employees.

Corporate clients can be tremendous moneymaking opportunities since they tend to stick with a single travel agent or agency when booking flights and accommodation for business meetings and even company-wide conferences.

Join Meetup Groups in Your Area is a popular website that allows you to join clubs and events held in your area. The groups are typically special interest groups, so you can find everything from book clubs to hiking groups.

Find one or two groups that appeal to you, join for free and enjoy the chance to meet new people, pursue a common interest and connect with more potential clients. If there isn’t a group that appeals to you, start your own!

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Attend Local Networking Events

Most towns and cities have lots of networking events where professionals gather to introduce themselves, mingle and find partnerships that could profit both parties. These may be advertised on Facebook or Twitter, or they could be organized through your local Chamber of Commerce.

Typically free to attend, these events are an unbeatable opportunity to pass out business cards and find clients who might need your travel booking services in the future.

Introduce Yourself to Other Parents or Neighbors

neighborsIf you have children in school, you are in a great position to meet a range of parents right in your local area. Don’t be shy about letting them know your profession, and offer to help them book their next family vacation.

If a new family moves into your neighborhood, swing by with a welcome gift, a plate of cookies and your business card.

These are all great ways to meet new clients if you’re a travel professional. Of course, you can also market yourself online to reach an even wider audience for your services.

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