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Businesses that survive COVID

Five Indicators That Will Determine if Your Business Survives COVID Pandemic?

Have you been asking yourself, “will my business survive this pandemic?”

It’s no surprise that many travel advisors and suppliers are scrambling to make the best decisions to come out the other side of the COVID 19 pandemic. Cutting costs, furloughs, refunds, rebooks, crisis communication, and compliance with the CDC have been good first steps, but is it enough? Do these moves guarantee success? NOPE!

While we wait for the world to figure out the right combination for our industry, you still have a business to consider and waiting on the collective “sigh of relief” before making bold moves will be too late. There are lessons to be learned, clues left behind from the past when other industries were faced with similar brick walls. These “indicators” provide a quick snapshot of the future of your business

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VP of Sales and Marketing of Travel Planners International, Jenn Lee shares in this truth bomb webinar, the five key indicators you should be on the lookout for next, and what pivots to make right now.

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