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The Benefits of Being Affiliated With a Host Travel Agency

Travel AgentThe travel industry has changed significantly in the last 20 years, turning what was once a customer-focused, face-to-face profession into something that happens on computer screens instead.

However, there is no question that careers in travel booking are alive and well, and many customers are drawn to the personal, customized approach of a true travel agent.

The competitive nature of the industry means that going at it alone can be a lot of work for new or even experienced agents. To help, host travel agencies can be a tremendous resource.

Discover how an affiliation with travel host agency agent partners can go a long way in making your travel business more successful.

Strong Relationships with Leading Vendors in the Travel Industry

As a work from home travel agent, it can be hard to imagine forging relationships with giants in the travel industry. However, by being affiliated with a host agency, it can be a reality.

You can have insider information and discounts for cruises as well as details about packages and upcoming routes for major airlines.

You may even be privy to extra perks from hotels and resorts every time you make a booking through them for your customers. There is a wide array of benefits to make your job more fun all the time.

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Website, Marketing and Logo Design Assistance

directmailEven if you excel naturally in booking travel and communicating with your customers, a large part of the business is also marketing yourself.

Thankfully, a host travel agency can help you to organize the more technical side of the equation. You will get access to assistance creating a personal logo, sending out direct mailing for a new marketing campaign or designing an easy-to-navigate website that can encourage new clients to book through you.

Gain Legitimacy in the Travel Industry

In a sea of travel agents, being affiliated with a major host travel agency can add legitimacy to your business. Potential clients will appreciate the name recognition of a big player in the travel industry, and you will be more likely to gain their business in the process.

Ongoing Training and Networking Opportunities

trainingOne major benefit of being affiliated with a host travel agency is being able to explore ongoing training opportunities in the travel industry. The TPI Extravaganza, for example, is an annual event hosted by Travel Planners International that allows participants to make new connections with vendors and learn more about how to see their business grow rapidly.

If you want to enjoy a successful career as a travel agent, one of the keys will be to affiliate yourself with a leading host travel agency.

Contact Travel Planners International and start growing your home based travel agency.

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