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The Key Benefits of Partnering With a Travel Agent Host Agency

Travel AgentIf your dream is to work from home as a travel agent, you’ll be excited to learn that it is a definite possibility for anyone willing to work hard. However, establishing any business, particularly one in the competitive travel industry, requires strong partnerships and great connections to everyone from vendors to website design professionals.

To start out a step ahead of the competition, partnering with a travel agent host agency can be the perfect choice. Discover the many benefits of an affiliation with a leading host agency.

Reduced Bookkeeping Duties

One of the biggest benefits of working with a host travel agency is having them handle a lot of the bookkeeping work. Many travel agents go into this line of work because they love learning about exotic places, planning vacations and communicating directly with customers.

However, few enjoy filing reports and doing bookkeeping each month. A thriving travel agent host agency will be able to treat you as an independent contractor, allowing you to have a simple 1099 form at the end of the year and a straightforward way of doing business.

Spending less time on paperwork and accounting means more time to focus on the elements of the travel industry you love most.Travel Agent

Consistent, Timely Commission Payment

Following up on commissions from a variety of vendors, hotels and airlines can be a substantial hassle, and those operating smaller businesses might be negatively impacted if payments are delayed by even a few weeks.

A travel agent host agency can offer consistent commission payments biweekly or monthly, which means that you will never again have to worry about whether or not you’ll get paid for the bookings you make.

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Continuing Education Opportunities Within the Travel Industry

The travel industry is always growing, and travel agents have to stay up to date on new developments along the way. Staying relevant is vital, so having access to continuing education is a serious perk.

You can complete training modules online offered by your host agency or even attend live training sessions.

Networking Opportunities Around the World

Networking is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding success as a travel agent with a home business. A travel agent host agency partner can arrange for you to make connections with leading suppliers and vendors in the industry as well as help you generate leads to reach potential local customers.

Web and Technology Assistance

One of the most important ways a host travel agency can help is by offering assistance for everything from direct email campaigns to website design. You can reach out whether you need an updated logo or changes to your homepage.

Additional Bonuses and Incentives Based on Sales and Performance

A final perk that shouldn’t be ignored is that many host agencies offer performance-based bonuses as well as rising commissions based on total sales. You might also have access to incentives from hotel chains or cruise lines through the agency. Your host agency will be able to provide specific details as to how their commission structure operates.

It should be clear to new travel agents as well as those with plenty of experience that a partnership with a top notch host agency like Travel Planners International can offer a number of exceptional benefits to help you become more successful in the travel industry.

Learn more about the Benefits of Partnering with Travel Planners International. Contact us to find out more.

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