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Top 10 Benefits Experienced Travel Agents Receive From Travel Planners International

Experienced Travel Agent As you approach your office or home office, you smile.

You open the door, ready to face the day and make travel plans come to life. The phone rings, you answer, and it’s a client who wants to book a weekend trip to Chicago. You’re happy to help and handle the details.

As you hang up, you look out the window.

You’re an experienced travel agent and would like to grow your business quicker than in previous years. You’ve been on your own and thought about connecting with a host travel agency. You’ve researched agencies but they didn’t offer many benefits, and the customer service was lackluster.

As an experienced agent, you want a host travel agency to provide you with incredible benefits like the ones listed below from Travel Planners International. Read them. And then consider joining us.

Top 10 Benefits for Experienced Travel Agents

Travel customers are taken care ofMarket Your Travel Agency

At TPI, we provide you with real help that may increase your business from an entrepreneurial perspective. With our NEW website, you can better connect, communicate, and share travel content that your clients want. You can also participate in TPI’s direct mail and e-marketing programs at a fraction of the cost if you were to do them on your own.

Grow Your Business

You can keep your business’s identity – you don’t have to do business as TPI. You get membership into the Ensemble Travel Group, which includes many benefits such as special pricing and amenities for you to offer clients. You also have availability to book into TPI’s special group blocks.

Platinum Agent Support

Travel agents who make $500,000 or more annually in sales reap the benefits of Travel Planners International Platinum Agent Support program such as weekly direct deposit commission payments, special pricing on preferred partners FAMS, and more. The bonus is that there is no extra cost to participate.

Coaching and Motivational Support

Get coaching and motivational support from industry experts and established travel agents who can help you take your travel career to new levels of success. Listen to the advice from the experts and roll up your sleeves and do the work. The success of your travel agency depends on the amount of work you put into it.

Tradeshows and Conferences

You’ll get access to Travel Planners International industry trade shows and conferences. Imagine being in a room filled with industry experts and chatting with them about travel. You can ask your most pressing questions and get the information you need to move your business to the next level.

T.E.A.M. Networking

Travel agents want sales training, email marketing, social media, and networking training options. TPI answers these needs through our expanded T.E.A.M. program (Training. Education. Ambassador. Meetings). We currently serve 27 markets and plan to add more in 2016; TPI and non-TPI agents gather together to network and share best practices.

5,000+ Rockstars Have Partnered With Us

Determine which path is right for you

I'm a New Agent
I'm An Experienced Agent

Travel Agent ID Cards

Being an expert matters, no matter the industry. You can enhance your authority and credibility in the travel industry with travel agent cards from the CLIA and the IATA. Customer will be more likely to book travel if you have these credentials. It gives them peace of mind.

Get Actual Support

You’ll get access to a team with over 300 years of combined experience in the travel industry. Connect with Travel Planners International’s dedicated customer service and support employees via toll-free phone, live chat, and email. You also receive remote connect tech support, agent vacation assistance program, invoicing tools, and much more.

Customers Are Supported

Your customers want a personal touch and Travel Planners International can assist your clients for a specific period of time. Pre-arrange for when you know when you’ll be unavailable. TPI is happy to help your customers while you’re on vacation, away at a conference, or whatever it is you need to take care of at a certain time. Take comfort that your customers will have the support they need.

Three-Tiered Commission

As an experienced travel agent, you probably have established sales goals. You can choose your commission level without signing a long term contract. You also get to your brand and identity. With Travel Planners International’s committed staff –you can work from your home office, on the road, a coffee shop, or a physical location.

Imagine your travel agency as it grows faster than before.

Instead of so-so commissions, you’re earning 80% or 90%. Business is good. Life is good.

All because you discovered the benefits experienced travel agents receive from Travel Planners International.

Not only are you gaining more clients but you’ve had to hire a part-time assistant to help you keep up with demand. See that. You created a job for someone. And it feels great.

Does this seem impossible? No, it’s not.

Re-read the benefits and consider joining a host travel agency like Travel Planners International.

The choice is yours.

Contact Travel Planners International and start growing your travel agency today!

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