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Top 10 Reasons New Travel Agents Join Travel Planners International

Happy Travel AgentThat’s it. You’ve had it. You’re about to give up.

Another day is over and you wonder: why on earth did I only book only one family vacation?

Being a work at home travel agent is not what you thought it would be.

Could it be that you are not affiliated with a host travel agency? Or perhaps you joined one that isn’t helping you?

You work non-stop, but are discouraged and want to give up.

Before you squash your dream of becoming a thriving travel agent, consider the 10 reasons why new agents join Travel Planners International. Read through the list and know that there is a host agency that gives you the tools and training you need to succeed.

10 Reasons Why New Travel Agents Join TPI

Strong Reputation in the Travel Industry

TPI has a strong reputation for being the best – we have the experience to prove it, which makes the decision to partner with us a clear one. In addition to our flexible hosting plans, new and experienced travel agents can focus on selling travel and building a loyal clientele without the administrative or expense of owning and operating a brick and mortar travel agency business.

Adhere to a Set of Core Values

At TPI, we follow a set of Core Values: integrity, customer-focused, results-oriented, teamwork, excellence, and innovative. In order to achieve mutual success, we build, develop, and maintain long-term, professional, win-win relationships with employees, travel agents, preferred partners, and all our business partners. We strive for excellence and continuously analyze our systems and process and ourselves to stay one of the best.Travel Agents with a Host Agency

Continuous Training and Networking

When you join TPI, you can take advantage of our T.E.A.M. program (Training. Education. Ambassador. Meetings). We’re in 27 local markets with plans to add more in 2016. TPI partnered with Travel Alliance Media to give our agents supplier updates and training, online marketing training, and specialized business building presentations. TPI and non-TPI agents gather together and share best practices – we learn from each other.

Gain Authority in the Travel Industry

Being affiliated with a major travel host agency can add legitimacy to you and your business. Potential new clients will breathe a sigh of relief and appreciate the name recognition of TPI – a large player in the

travel industry. Because you’ve joined Travel Planners International you will more likely gain clients and grow your business quicker (as long as you work your business) than you may have thought possible.

Website and Marketing Assistance

Thanks to our partnership with Agent Studio, we’re raising the bar on our website offering to travel agents. Even if you’re a natural salesperson and can communicate with your customers, you have to continuously market yourself. With Agent Studio’s enhanced technology, TPI members will have better way to connect, communicate, and share travel content that their clients want.

Competitive Pricing Structure

If you’ve been looking for a faster and easier way to make money, you’ve come to the right host travel agency. TPI’s Cruise Pricing includes hundreds of sailings with blocked group space where TPI agents are able to book their smaller groups or individual cabins, resulting in a huge savings for their customer. TPI’s dedicated staff secures hundreds of TPI exclusive rates for the benefit of our agents. Savings may  range from $25 to $1,000 per person.

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Family Oriented Host Travel Agency

TPI is a family oriented travel host agency. We keep a personal, nurturing spirit alive by supporting agents every step of the way. Everything that’s done at TPI, from decision making to creating new tools, is made from the view point of benefiting TPI travel agent partners. You don’t have to build your travel business alone. REAL help is available to you.

Educating and Changing Consumer Perceptions

The “I can book my own travel” attitude is common today. However, at TPI we understand the value of a travel agent and plan to educate and change consumer perceptions. It begins with agents realizing the power of specializing in a niche. The more focused they are the better they can serve clients. The new TPI website will make it easy for the consumer to plan their next vacation, find the right supplier and destination, and connect with a TPI agent who can assist with planning their adventure!

Help with Building Your Travel Business

At TPI, we understand that being a home-based travel agent is not easy. New agents may feel as if they are left ‘out there’ all by themselves. We provide agents with REAL HELP building and growing their businesses from an entrepreneurial perspective. At this years’ TPI Extravaganza Conference, we packed the program with business experts who have ‘been there, done that’. They shared those game-changing experiences to help our agents grow their bottom line. Watch for it, in 2016 we’re taking the show on the road!

Stay Up-to-Date on the Travel Industry

In addition to various trade publications, TPICENTRAL gives you access to travel industry news, supplier specials and much more. TPI’s Marketing Department sends out communications with news and specials several times weekly, so you won’t miss out on the latest happenings in the industry.

Picture yourself in sitting in your chair in your home office with your feet up on your desk. A smile forms across your face.

Why are you so happy? Because you’ve joined the thousands of other travel agents at Travel Planners International and started growing your travel business.

Not only are you connecting with new customers but you’re meeting and networking with other agents who share their stories of how they started and continue to grow their business.

Instead of fearing that you won’t attract clients, you look forward to building your travel agency because you understand the ins and outs of digital and offline marketing. For example, you realize that you must be ‘social’ on social media and have conversations with people instead of hard selling them.

Does  this sound impossible? It’s not.

Refer to this post often to read why new travel agents choose to join Travel Planners International. Make the decision today to pick up the phone or chat with a TPI representative via Live Chat.

What are you waiting for? TPI is 100% dedicated to the success of our travel agents! Join today and you will be one step closer to becoming a top travel agent.

Contact Travel Planners International and join today!


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