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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes New Travel Agents Make

Travel Agent MistakesBeginning a new career can be an exciting step in any industry, but it is especially true if your new career is as an independent travel agent. For those with a love of new and exotic places as well as a desire to help individuals enjoy unforgettable getaways, working in the travel industry is an obvious choice and a great way to feel fulfilled each day of the week.

Unfortunately, many new travel agents make the same common mistakes within their first few months. Avoid them all by learning the five most common mistakes and how to steer clear of each.

1. Lack of Contact Information

In the world of social media and websites, many independent travel agents use platforms such as Instagram or Facebook to bring in traffic and build up their brand.

While this can certainly be a good thing for business, it is important to always include some way of communicating with those who see your profiles.

Implement strategies to direct people back from your social media channels to your website, and be sure to provide easy access to your contact information.

2. Mixing Business With Personal Life

If you operate on social media platforms, be sure not to combine your personal life with your travel booking business. Nothing detracts from your professionalism more than overly political, negative or posts too personal in nature.

The best plan is to create an account for your friends and family, and keep your business platforms completely free of drama or conflict. Your social media platforms should feature your business and remain professional and in good taste.39

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Not Focusing on a Niche Area of Travel

New travel agents are often eager to build up business in any way possible, and it is not uncommon for them to want to offer all types of trips to individuals, families and corporations alike.

However, trying to offer everything may mean that you can’t be an expert on any one thing. While you can still offer a range of travel booking services, try to focus in on a niche area where you can truly excel. As you gain experience, you can expand your niche to include other areas on which you can become an expert.

Mixing Up Geography

This is perhaps the most embarrassing mistake that a new travel agent can make, but it can easily be avoided by double checking any geography before you begin helping a new client.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name of a destination, don’t hesitate to look it up online. The last thing that a new travel agent wants to do is start planning a couple’s trip to Mount Fuji when they really wanted to go to the Fiji Islands.

Going It Alone

Establishing a new business as a travel agent is challenging, but it can be a lot easier if you have access to a range of resources and assistance around the clock. Partnering with a host agency like Travel Planners International can be the best way to avoid mistakes and enjoy success right from the beginning of your new career in the travel industry.

If you’re ready to become a travel agent, or you’ve recently broken into the industry, avoiding these common mistakes is vital in order to establish yourself as a professional in the travel industry.

Call us today and we’ll help you take your travel business in the right direction.

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