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What are the Keys to Success for New Travel Agents?

Travel AgentThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that there are more than 100,000 travel agents working in the United States. Some of these are full-time salaried travel agents working for large companies, some are part-time independent travel agents and many are full time professionals who have created a business selling travel.

If you are taking steps to become an independent travel agent, or you are ready to take the plunge and switch careers, don’t do so blindly. These are the top keys to success that will come in handy for any new travel agent.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social MediaOne of the biggest tools available to an independent travel agent is social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can create new pathways for you to get your name out there, attract new clients and form meaningful connections with potential travelers.

Best of all, creating social media accounts is free, letting you establish your business and your marketing campaign without the need for a lot of capital.

The more content you provide, and the more you interact with others, the greater your social media capabilities will be.

Target Your Service to a Niche Travel Market

Decades ago, some travel agents handled all types of travel from romantic honeymoons in Europe to budget getaways to Disney for the whole family.

Today, the most successful travel agents have changed tactics and instead focus on a niche market of the travel industry. You may already be an expert in a certain area of travel, particularly if you favor budget travel, cruises or family reunions.

If not, do some research and fill the local gap in the market to offer unique services to intrepid travelers.

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Give Thoughtful Service to Your Customers

Travel AgentCustomers who simply want someone to print out their ticket and book a hotel they have already chosen don’t typically book through travel agents. Instead, they tend to utilize online booking options.

Customers who seek out travel agents often do so because they crave a personal touch for their next vacation. Don’t be afraid to offer recommendations or suggest alternate destinations if you feel that clients will benefit.

Don’t Skimp on Your Website

Even if you are active on social media and you promote your phone number on printed materials in the local area, your website will still serve as the primary reflection of your services.

Make sure your travel website is attractive as well as easy to navigate, and include detailed information about your specialty or your credentials if possible.

Be Willing to Work Hard to Establish Your Brand

BrandFinally, the biggest key to success for new travel agents is being willing to work hard. Establishing a business, even with the help and resources of travel host agency for agent partners, takes time and effort. The harder you work in the beginning, the faster you will build up a clientele and start bringing in commissions.

With these keys to success, you will be ready to tackle the travel industry and become a thriving independent travel agent.

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