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What Everybody Ought to Know about Working with TPI

Learn why independent travel agents love working with TPI.Maybe a friend of yours is a travel agent with a host travel agency that doesn’t provide much support.

Your friend calls to tell you that things are not going well. You listen and hear about the small commissions and lack of communication your friend’s travel host agency offers. Continuing education opportunities and training on how to grow a small business are non-existent.

Your friend sighs.

You on the other hand know that your friend would benefit from joining TPI.

When your friend finishes telling you his story, you smile from ear to ear because your travel business is growing at a steady pace and you have great clients. You say to your friend, “Listen. I understand your situation. But let me tell you about Travel Planners International…” Here are six reasons why independent travel agents love working with TPI.

6 Reasons Why Independent Travel Agents Work with TPI

T.E.A.M. Program

Travel agents want sales training, email marketing, social media, and networking training options. TPI answers these needs through our expanded T.E.A.M. program (Training. Education. Ambassador. Meetings). We currently serve 27 markets and plan to add more in 2016; TPI and non-TPI agents gather together to network and share best practices. The focus is to provide supplier updates and training,

specialized business building presentations and online marketing training provided by TPI’s new partner Travel Alliance Media.Learn why independent travel agents love working with TPI.

Price Advantage

Travel Planners International offers agents 70%, 80% or 90% com­ mission including a “no-cost” program. Each plan is inclusive of the tools and technologies needed to run a home­ based business successfully. Those who are new to the industry can select from two training programs, Express and Enhanced training. Both jumpstart the travel agent in his or her new business. The programs cover all

aspects of learning the basics in the industry to getting your travel business of the ground. TPI has no minimum sales quotes, so the rest is up to the individual business owner on where they take their travel agency.

Family Focused

Travel Planners International was founded in 1988 by the Gagliano family in an office no larger than 250 square feet. Fast forward, and the organization has grown to more than 2,000 agent members nationwide in 2014. The organization now has an 11,000+ square-foot headquarters with state-of-the-art media and production studio to support members marketing and training needs. Travel Planners International’s success is attributed to the organization’s strong family-first focus. TPI keeps a personal, nurturing spirit alive by supporting agents every step of the way as they grow their business. The tools created, contracts negotiated, and decisions made are for the benefit of TPI travel agent partners.

Educating the Consumer

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Travel agents want help changing consumer perception regarding the value of using a travel agent in today’s world of “I can book a vacation on my own” as well opportunities to get in front of the consumer directly. In the fourth quarter, we’re launching a NEW TPI website that will focus on educating the consumer on why they should use travel agent. We’ll make it easy for consumers to find a specialized agent in their area. The strategy to drive traffic to the new TPI website will include, blog articles, social media pushes, PR and a stronger collaboration with preferred partners to share their information with consumers direct.

Niche Marketing

Agents are starting to realize the power of specializing in a niche. As an example, marketing to millennials requires a different approach than what has previously been used. Their innate belief is that advertising is not an authentic representation of brands. Millennials prefer on-demand or recorded programming. They review blogs before buying because they perceive blogs to be authentic. The new TPI website will make it easy for a millennial or any consumer to plan the next life changing experience, find the right supplier and destination, and connect with a TPI travel agent who can who can facilitate the planning of their adventure!

Enhanced Web Presence

TPI is partnering with Agent Studio to elevate our website offering to travel agents. The technology from Agent Studio gives our agents a better way to connect, communicate, and share travel content. Agents will have access to unique dynamic content (such as destination guides, up to date travel news, supplier deals and videos), white-labeled online booking engines, and social media integration. TPI agents will benefit from a powerful website that is branded to them.

Working hard without seeing results can be discouraging.

Especially when your friend is working with Travel Planners International and building a successful travel agency.

One simple change can have dramatic effects on your sales and productivity.

Imagine your phone ringing five days a week or an email inbox filled with confirmations from current and new clients who booked travel.

Imagine being satisfied, not stressed, and having more time to take vacations with family and friends.

Sounds good? If you said ‘yes’, then contact Travel Planners International today and speak with a representative who can tell you more about the organization.

You may create a strong travel agency in a few short months and be on the road to success.

Contact Travel Planners International today and start growing your home based travel agency.

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