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Social Media – A Travel Agent’s Power Tool

As you know, social media is one of your most powerful tools in driving business to your travel agency. As with sales in general, you also know that you increase your sales numbers the more people you reach through multiple…

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Marketing Tips for At-Home Travel Agents

For many individuals, the opportunity to work from home is a dream come true. Instead of clocking in each day at the office, you can tackle projects from home. Travel professionals who work with host agencies like Travel Planners International are able to spend less time working on invoicing and website design, and they can spend more of their day marketing their services toward potential clients. Some of the best marketing tips for at-home travel agents include utilizing various forms of social media, creating your own QR code, attending trade shows and using both email and direct mail to reach a target audience.
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How to Choose the Best Marketing for Your Business – Social Media/Content Marketing

Hello again!  A quick recap: last week I presented a basic overview on how to choose the best marketing for your business.  We discussed what key information you need to gather to best create your strategy.  Did you do your homework?  Make sure to share what you discovered about your goals.

Today we’re going to focus on a specific type of marketing –social/content marketing.  This type of marketing is hot right now -everyone has hopped on the social media band wagon.  Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+  –words that mean nothing  on their own but are highly recognizable to the public.

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How to Choose the Best Marketing Type for Your Business

Hello All!

Welcome or welcome back, depending.  This week I’d like to expand on a subject we touched on before.  My first blog focused on creating a marketing schedule for the year to help you grow your business.  In that blog I asked you to include all of your marketing efforts for the year (direct, social, etc.).  And although making sure that you have a game plan  is great, I’ve still done you a disservice.   Because the fact of the matter is not all marketing is for everyone.  So to optimize your success you really need to focus your advertising based on a few factors.

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New Year, New Us! Welcome to TPI’s Blog

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome.” –Walt Disney

We are so excited to start something new here at TPI –our very own blog!  We hope to entertain you, inform you, and most of all help make running your business and your lives easier.  Look for articles from TPI staff, guest blogs from TPI agents, spotlights on our vendors and so much more!  And let us know what you want to read by emailing us at [email protected].   Don’t be shy!

To kick things off, let’s start off with your marketing plan.  Have you developed one yet?  2013 has just started so it’s not to late to prepare your marketing schedule.  

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