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Make Your Life Easier By Using a Travel Advisor

This past Wednesday, Carnival Cruise Line hosted their first ever Why Use a Travel Advisor party (WUATA) in Orlando, FL. The fun, two-hour public event featured talks from amazing industry leaders on the benefits and value of using a travel…

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Traveling with Children with Special Needs

“If we all could see the world through eyes of a child we would see the magic in everything.” -Chee Vai Tang One of the best moments of being a parent is watching your child experience things for the first…

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Experience the Life of Luxury with United Vacations

When booking a vacation package to different travel destinations, most people would prefer booking luxury service and accommodations if they fit into their budget. This guide helps travel professionals understand the options and trends in luxury travel, and encourages the utilization of preferred vendors and packaged deals to help lower the cost of luxury vacations to a price more clients can afford. >>>
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Explore the Big Island with Blue Sky Tours

For many travel agents, working with a host agency like Travel Planners International can open the door to an array of new opportunities and partnerships. One of the most significant will be having a connection to leading tour companies like Blue Sky Tours, which operates in Hawaii. One of its top destinations is the Big Island, home to stunning beaches, tropical scenery and warm weather. Plus, this tropical island boasts unique landmarks and attractions like historical Hawaiian temples, snow-capped mountains, stargazing observatories and even a national park home to a constantly-erupting and awe-inspiring volcano.
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TAP Portugal – a TPI Preferred Partner

Interesting Facts Due to its location, Lisbon, Portugal, is a natural gateway to Europe via Atlantic passage. It was founded in 1945 and became a member of the Star Alliance on March 14, 2005. According to Wikipedia, the 2011 JACDEC…

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Spotlight on: Viking River Cruises

A river cruise takes the best aspects of cruising, and combines it with the best of a guided tour.  Unpack only once just like on a cruise, and explore the cities you’ve dreamed about visiting.  River cruises are much more convenient than a land tour, and can visit ports that traditional cruise ships can’t reach.  And with Viking River Cruises you’ll “spend less time getting there and more time being there”.

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