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The Grand Tour – the introduction to popularized travel itineraries, souvenirs and postcards

The Renaissance – Setting Popular Travel in Motion

The Roman ForumThe Renaissance spanned roughly through the 14th to 17th centuries and it was a re-birth of the ancient classical era after the Dark Ages. The renaissance first started in the Italian city of Florence through the works of artists and writers spurred by political and cultural changes of the day.  Due to the artistic dependency of patronage, the classical theme was set in motion much due to the rich and powerful Medici family. The Medici’s sought to commission art outside the religious themes that dominated the time period. Besides a revival of the romanticized mythological themes of the classical era, a renewed interest was spurred in classical architecture, mathematics and natural philosophy (predecessor to modern science.)

As the renaissance spread through-out Europe, bringing with it a new artistic and academic focus, it became fashionable for young aristocrats to visit the great master pieces of the classical era as part of their classical education, (mainly Roman art and architecture.) This became known as the Grand Tour.

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New Year, New Us! Welcome to TPI’s Blog

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome.” –Walt Disney

We are so excited to start something new here at TPI –our very own blog!  We hope to entertain you, inform you, and most of all help make running your business and your lives easier.  Look for articles from TPI staff, guest blogs from TPI agents, spotlights on our vendors and so much more!  And let us know what you want to read by emailing us at [email protected].   Don’t be shy!

To kick things off, let’s start off with your marketing plan.  Have you developed one yet?  2013 has just started so it’s not to late to prepare your marketing schedule.  

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