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4 Ways Millennial Travelers Pay to Travel

Millennials have shaken things up. Not only have they become savvy travelers, but they know what makes for a great experience and will voice their complaints [use social media to do so] when expectations aren’t met. In fact, Expedia conducted…

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15 Tax Tips for Travel Agents

The thought of having to prepare and file your taxes for your independent travel agency may send you a panic. Just take a breath and calm down because we’ve got 15 tax tips for travel agents to make tax time…

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Amazing Destinations for a Nature Lovers Vacation

For nature lovers, the perfect vacation may not be a bustling city or a destination overrun with thousands of other tourists. If you are working as an independent travel agent and you want to show clients some ideas that are truly off the beaten path, look to Globus for some incredible options.
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Experience the Rush of a Skydiving Vacation in Seville

If you find yourself curious about new kinds of vacations, or you are simply looking for a serious rush of adrenaline, then a skydiving getaway could be the ultimate trip. In Seville, Spain, you can jump from a height of 15,000 feet, making it the highest skydiving adventure in all of Europe. Along with the exhilarating experience of skydiving over a beautiful landscape, travelers in Seville can enjoy plenty of attractions and incredible cuisine, making it a top recommendation among in-the-know independent travel agents working with host travel agencies like Travel Planners International.
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The Appeal of Southwest Vacations for Agents and Travelers

Working as an independent travel agent has a number of perks, but few are greater than the potential to partner with a great company like Southwest Vacations through the help of a host agency. Southwest Vacations is part of a company with 40 years of travel booking experience, and they offer incredible vacation packages to destinations across the United States that range from romantic beaches to family-friendly locations like Orlando, Florida. Plus, Southwest Vacations offers fantastic benefits to travel agents. Perks include everything from discounted travel to monetary incentives and even commissions that can be tailored by the agent depending on the products offered.
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Find Out How You Can Enjoy the Vacations of Your Dreams

If you have postponed travel dreams so long you have stopped believing them, now is the time to believe again. A career as a home-based travel industry expert gives you freedom to pursue your own travel dreams while helping others fulfill theirs. Support from a dependable travel host agency, such as Travel Planners International, provides administrative and marketing assistance that can jumpstart your success. With the backing of a solid travel host agency, you will be able to offer tours and other travel programs that your clients want. Both new and experienced travel agents can succeed as home-based travel professionals.
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