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British and U.S. Virgin Islands: See How to Get Off the Beaten Path

The British and U.S. Virgin Islands are known for their white sand beaches, boating, diving and snorkeling sites, turquoise crystal-clear water, and rum drinks. But if you want a different vacation experience, go off the beaten path. Keep reading to learn more!

Discover the Baths and Cave

Virgin Gorda has a tiny beach, rough water, and crowds. But if you follow the signs to the caves and crawl through the tiny opening, you’ll discover granite boulders close to each other with water flowing all around them. Explore the nooks and crannies and wade through the water. Once you climb over the rocks, you’ll be immersed in tide pools that are between the boulders as you make your way to Dead Man’s Beach.

Explore the Food and Music of Redhook

Want a fun night out? Go to Redhook! It’s a port town on St. Thomas and has a somewhat better selection of bars and restaurants on the island. Nosh on a delicious burger at Tap and Still and wash it down with a cold beer. Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, dance the night away at an energetic club.

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Wander around a Deserted Island

Salt Island, an out-of-the-way island, was once filled with salt ponds. It’s owned by a family who pays an annual rent of, wait for it, a single one-pound bag of salt, to the Queen of England. You can snorkel around the island or take a dinghy and visit the deserted town near the salt pools. However, you’ll need your own boat (rent one) to get to Salt Island.

British and U.S. Virgin Islands: Go Off the Beaten Path [And See and Do More]

The British and U.S. Virgin Islands offer you much more than sand, sun, and surf. You can go off the beaten path and see and do unusual things. However, if you’d like to balance this with comfort, take a cruise vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Sit back and relax and cruise around the Virgin Islands. Bon Voyage!

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