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Seabourn Luxury Cruise Line: Common Cruise Myths Debunked

Are you curious about taking a cruise vacation?

If you’re like most people, you probably know someone who has taken one. Maybe they gushed about the food, entertainment, and excursions. Perhaps they talked about the like-minded people they met who’ve become their friends.

And yet, you still haven’t booked a cruise.

First time cruiser and friend to Seabourn, Corey, offered to share her experience after her first sailing to help debunk some of the common myths or thoughts new cruise guests may have. She will help change the way you think about cruises!

When you’ve finished reading, you may think: Where do I want to go? What do I want to experience?

These Are the Top Cruise Myths/Thoughts Debunked

You Won’t Receive Quality Service

Whether or not you’re a seasoned traveler like Corey, a luxury cruise experience can set the bar high. Seabourn boasts an award-winning crew who were hand-picked and extensively trained to deliver the luxury cruise line’s signature style of thoughtful, personalized and heartfelt hospitality. It makes for the ultimate cruise vacation.

Corey says, “I was hesitant to ‘cruise’ at first, but had read so many incredible things about Seabourn and also had a friend who had recently experienced firsthand. My husband and I have always dreamed of traveling through Greece and we hadn’t considered how ideal the cruise experience could be. Once we heard this feedback, we almost immediately searched Seabourn and found our dream itinerary through the Greek Isles. I couldn’t stop gushing to family and friends about the service, food, and overall quality of Sebourn.”

You Can’t Have Your Own Experience

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One of the biggest concerns you may have is that you’ll have the same experience as your fellow guests. This isn’t true. It’s your vacation and up to you decide what you want to experience. For example, you may have a sense of adventure and would enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. However, another guest may prefer taking a full or half day private car tour of the city.

“The experience was truly what you made it. The ability to tailor each day in the moment was a true luxury. There were times my husband and I were the first ones off the ship, and other days when we wanted to sleep in a bit, enjoy a beautiful breakfast in The Colonnade and ease into our day. Each morning, we would make our way to Seabourn Square for a coffee and conversation with a local that the ship brings onboard. Being able to have a discussion with someone who truly knew the port of call (and called it home) was a tremendous asset and gave us an insider perspective to tailor our experiences every day,” said Corey.

You Won’t Have a Cultural Experience

You may only have a few hours to explore the areas you visit, but you can still have authentic, immersive experiences. For example, you can accompany the chef to local markets to shop for ingredients from local vendors. When you re-board your ship, you and your fellow guests can dine on a culinary creation made from locally grown produce or freshly caught fish. Also keep in mind that passengers are from different backgrounds. You can learn about others and may even become lifelong friends.

“My favorite part of the cruise was the people we met. I was impressed with how multicultural the experience was and by how quickly any age gaps closed. My husband and I were one of the youngest couples on the ship, but the instant bond we felt regardless of where people came from or their age was incredible. The Seabourn saying of meeting as strangers, becoming friends, leaving as family definitely rang true for us,” said Corey.

Seabourn Cruise Line: Experience a Luxurious Vacation

Corey recommends you take a cruise vacation with an open mind and perhaps skip planning too much ahead of time. You’ll want to discover and enjoy all that Seabourn has to offer you on board or at port. They make it easy for you to tailor each day for a truly luxurious experience.

Are you ready to experience your first luxury cruise vacation with Seabourn? If so, call or email your Travel Planners International agent today and tomorrow you’ll sail away on a trip of a lifetime.

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