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Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Symphony of the Seas

Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean broke the cruise ship mold with the biggest and boldest ship in their fleet: the majestically huge Symphony of the Seas. This big and bold ship boasts some of the most adrenaline-raising activities and uniquely awesome amenities ever seen aboard a cruise ship. Whether you want to relax top deck, take on the surf-simulator, zip line, or glow-in-the-dark laser tag, or take in a show, there’s plenty to do for the whole family. And because the Symphony of the Seas features an exclusive two-level interactive Ultimate Family Suite, it’s the perfect ship for everyone from singles to families.

Such an ambitiously enormous cruise ship tends to rouse an equally large number of questions before booking a memorable trip aboard. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked to help you decide if you’re ready to pack your suit and sense of adventure to set sail on the jaw-dropping Symphony of the Seas.

Q: Where does the Symphony of the Seas depart from?

A:  This behemoth of a ship calls Miami its home and sets sail from state-of-the-art Terminal A. Built exclusively for Royal Caribbean, Terminal A guarantees the industry’s quickest, smoothest guest check-in process, affording you more time to unpack, relax, and start your Symphony of the Seas adventure.

Q: How much does a Symphony of the Seas cruise vacation cost?

A: Like any vacation, how much it costs to set sail aboard the Symphony of the Seas depends on the time of year, duration of the cruise, choice of cabin, and cruise ship destinations. With Chairs on the top of a cruise deck - Symphony of the Seasdestinations mainly in the Caribbean, you can expect to pay anywhere from the mid $700’s to almost $3,000 per person for a week’s worth of fun and adventure.

Q: Does the Symphony of the Seas have a zip line?

A: Of course, it does! Ten decks up, towering above the many activities on board the Symphony of the Seas is the ship’s zip line. This suspended zip line experience is included in the cost of your vacation and hovers you above the ship’s boardwalk, zipping you along from one end to the other. A great plus is that the zip line does not require you to make a reservation.

Q: How much does a cruise ship captain make?

A: Thinking about a career change so you can ride aboard the unbelievable Symphony of the Seas year-round? Well, you’ll have to go about getting the proper license and training, but being in charge of the Symphony of the Seas will fetch you a bigger paycheck. Typically, cruise ship captains make six figures, but if you are responsible for 5,000 crew and passengers or more, your salary will be upwards of $150,000, and the Symphony of the Seas has a capacity of over 8,000. Not to mention, you’ll get to work two months on and two months off. Not a bad gig, huh?

Q: Is it worth getting a balcony on a cruise?

A: If it’s aboard the Symphony of the Seas, it’s a matter of preference – and budget. Of course, balcony cabins always cost a little more because you get a little glimpse of the outside world, but because the Symphony of the Seas doesn’t sail to places with majestic panoramic mountain views, it might not be worth it if your budget doesn’t allow. If you want a balcony so you can smoke, you’re out of luck because that’s not allowed. But if you want a balcony to claim your own little view of the ocean or ports of call, then go for it!

Q: How much does it cost to stay in the Ultimate Family Suite on the Symphony of the Seas?

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A: The Ultimate Family Suite is a one-of-a-kind two-level accommodation option aboard the Symphony of the Seas. With only one of these incredibly unique suites available, and because it is simply out-of-this-world, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag in comparison to other accommodations on the ship. Although the cost depends on the demand and season, you’ll shell out between $45,000 and $80,000 for a week of ultimate cruising fun in the family suite. If you’d like to snag the week of Christmas, you’ll pay around $85,000.

Some of the enticing family-friendly amenities of the Ultimate Family Suite include an in-suite slide from the top floor to the bottom, in-suite cinema, multi-purpose game tables, jacuzzi, climbing wall, and even a Royal Genie who will coordinate exclusive experiences just for you.

Q: Where will the Symphony of the Seas sail in 2020?

A: In 2020, the remarkable Symphony of the Seas will sail strictly throughout the Caribbean on 7-night treks. Many of the weeks throughout the year include a fun-filled stop at Cococay in the

champagne glasses on symphony of the seas deck

Bahamas, a water park chock-full of incredible adrenaline-pumping activities, including the tallest waterslide in North America.

Q: What is there to do on the Symphony of the Seas?

A: Perhaps a more appropriate question to ask is, what isn’t there to do? With so many on-board activities, shows, shopping, and entertainment options to choose from, there will never be a dull moment on your Symphony of the Seas vacation. There really are too many things to list, but just to name a few:

· Glow-in-the-Dark Laser Tag
· Hand-carved Carousel
· On Deck Waterslides
· Escape the Rubicon Escape Room
· Flowrider
· Countless Shows, Including the Broadway Hit Hairspray
· Spa and Fitness Center
· Ice Skating Shows
· Dance Parties
· Arcade
· Interactive Game Shows
· Dance and Cooking Classes
· 20 Options for Food and Drink

That’s not all either. There is SO MUCH MORE to this jaw-dropping ship; it’s truly amazing.

Q: How do I book a cruise on the Symphony of the Seas?

A: Well, you could book it yourself, but why would you do that when you can go through someone who has access to exclusive deals at no extra cost to you? The smartest way to book a cruise on this majestic ship, or any vacation really, is to go through a travel agent. Because travel agents at Travel Planners International (TPI) have established relationships with preferred suppliers like Royal Caribbean, our host travel agency is able to pass exclusive benefits on to you. Contact TPI today, and we’ll connect you with a fabulous Rockstar agent who will get you the best deal and experience aboard the unforgettable Symphony of the Seas.

While there are an astounding number of cruise options out there, if you want a cruise experience like none other, full of adventure, activities, fun, memories, and a whole lot of food, then the Symphony of the Seas is for you. Contact Travel Planners International and we will connect you with one of our Royal Caribbean experts to book your out-of-this-world cruise vacation.

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