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Lady Sandals Yacht: Travel Professionals at Sea

Lady Sandals Yacht: Travel Professionals at Sea

One of the many perks of working as a travel booking professional is having the opportunity to attend informative and entertaining events put on by major players in the tourism industry. This year, the Lady Sandals Yacht made its way around the nation where chosen Travel Advisors from Travel Planners International were invited to come aboard to enjoy an evening at sea.

All About the Lady Sandals Yacht

Owned by Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the Chairman and Founder of Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts, this stunning vessel has every amenity a person may desire and was once owned by actor Nicholas Cage. The yacht is staffed by live-in employees who travel the world and know the boat inside and out.

New Developments at Sandals ResortsTravel Professionals at Sea

This October, the Lady Sandals yacht made its last stop in Virginia Beach, where some of our leading Travel Advisors boarded after being invited by Local Business Development Manager Courtney Taylor. Their VIP invitation gave these select agents a chance to learn about some of the new developments at Sandals and Beaches.

Of course, our agents already know Sandals Resorts is a top choice for couples, and Beaches Resorts is a top choice for the ultimate family vacation. Most are familiar with the resorts’ many perks, including:

  •  unlimited gourmet dining
  •  unique bars serving premium spirits and wines,
  • every land and water sport, including complimentary green fees at our golf resorts
  • PADI®certified scuba diving.

Plus, if you’re looking to tie the knot, our experienced agents can connect you with a wedding planner at any of the Sandals Resorts, the leader in Caribbean destination weddings and honeymoon packages.

Some of the new and exciting resort information shared with our agents aboard the Lady Sandals  yacht included:

  •  A new 600ft crystal lagoon pool at Sandals Halcyon Beach
  • The Grande Re-Opening of Beaches Turks and Caicos
  • The new dining options at Sandals Montego Bay, which include Butch’s Steak and Seafood, The Soy Sushi Bar, and the Latitudes Over-Water-Bar

Sandals and Travel Planners International

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One of the key points made at the Lady Sandals event was that Sandals Resorts always prefers and encourages guests to book through professional travel agents rather than generic booking sites online. That way, guests can get expert information to pick a getaway they will genuinely enjoy, and they can also call an actual travel agent for assistance if something goes wrong with their plans. Travel Planners International is the top agency in Florida when it comes to booking Sandals Vacations and is among the top 10 in the entire world. Travel Planners International has won the “Best of The Best” Agency award year after year at the annual Sandals STAR Award ceremony.

Perks of Being Associated With Travel Planners International

Boarding the beautiful Lady Sandals yacht is a perk in and of itself, but travel agents with Travel Planners International get to experience all types of benefits. At this particular event, guests dined on a lavish meal prepared by the professional on-board chef, with food items including salmon, crab Caesar salad, lamb chops, and more.

Sandals also hosts F.A.M. trips, or Sandals Educational Experiences (S.E.E.), for travel agents who want to tour the luxury Resorts where they experience gorgeous tropical settings and exquisite beaches in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Grenada, and Barbados.

By inviting agents associated with Travel Planners International to a Lady Sandals yacht event, Sandals Resorts provides a wealth of information to help them meet the needs of their clients in the future.

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