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TPI Insight- The Experience.

DSC_0054_edited_smallMy name is Joanita Asekenye. I have been with Travel planners International for 5 weeks now in the Accounting Department, and I must say that I do love it here.

I got an opportunity to attend the TPI Insight on 1/30/14-1/31/14. I was very curious to know more about what exactly takes place at such an event. When the day came, we were welcomed with a nice breakfast buffet which was very filling considering I love to eat. The event took place at the Sheraton, and everyone wore a name badge so that we could identify each other which was very helpful. We all joined the agents who had arrived from all over the country to attend.


The agenda clearly outlined what was to be presented and by whom. I was pleased to learn from the various departments of Travel Planners International, like Marketing, and Air/Car/Hotel. Of course, we all learn from others, and how well we perform in our daily duties. It blew my mind how much I learned about the different vendors in the industry. This included Disney Destinations, LLC, Globus Family of Brands, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, and Travel2 & Islands in the Sun. They presented their products in their allocated time and I must say that I have formed an even greater attachment to travel since. The different industries were committed to give the greatest presentation by ‘showing off’ the best of the best of their products. New, remodeled, refurbished and re-imagined were the words they used, so to say. They answered questions, told us what is included in their trips, and gave us price estimates and available discounts. What puzzled me even more, was that I tried to take a vote, just within, to see if I could finally choose the best product, and I couldn’t. I loved all of them, and I want to travel with them all.

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DSC_0074_edited_smallAt the end of day two, we took a tour of the Travel Planners International headquarters. This is where I work, so it wasn’t new to me; however I was pleased to show it off to the agents who had never been here. They were amazed by the offices and all of my colleagues. We had a scavenger hunt which was very interesting. My team missed by one item – finding foreign money. I figured that no one carries that, but well, who knew – there was a winning team with all the items. The game made the entire office light up with cheers, laughter and team work. After the game we all were treated to an amazing Italian lunch buffet. We sat down in a group and talked while enjoying lunch. Our visitors were welcome to bring home brochures and other products that we keep in stock.

text_postcardA summary of all that we had learned was presented, and agents were asked to air out any views or comments they had, and there was a prize giving ceremony. This is when I wished I was one of the agents – who doesn’t like prizes, right? The prizes were very generous and included very beautiful beach bags and towel sets, free direct mailing coupons and more. The most generous gift of all was the grand prize – a complimentary sign up to TPI Extravaganza. I bet the agent that won that prize was very pleased, because this event is also one that I look forward to attending for the first time. I will share that experience with you for sure.In conclusion, TPI Insight was planned and coordinated by Travel Planners International, and it was very insightful not only to me, but everyone who attended, hence the name TPI Insight. It is a must attend event for those looking to grow their businesses.

JoanitaJoanita Asekenye, Helpdesk Support Agent, Travel Planners International

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