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Oh Kids, They Wanna Have Fun!

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Cruising is the ultimate family getaway. But while mom and dad are making a beeline for the lounge, pool, or casino, the kids are eyeing another kind of adventure. From dance parties to arts & crafts to a friendly basketball match, kids of all ages will have so much to do aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship. It’s like summer camp but better!

Keep reading below for all the fun that’s waiting to be had with Carnival!


Welcome to Camp Ocean (Children 2- 11 years old)

Whether it’s entertaining them with dance parties or educating them on the deep blue sea, it all happens at Camp Ocean. Camp Ocean is a supervised, age-based youth program offered aboard all Carnival ships. Children participating in Camp Ocean are separated into three groups: Penguins (ages 2- 5), Stingrays (6- 8), and Sharks (9- 11). Although children in Camp Ocean will spend most of their time with kids in their age group, there are times where all three groups play together. Camp Ocean is complimentary until 10 pm. Afterward, there is a fee.

Note: Children do not have to be potty-trained to participate in Camp Ocean. However, if children are too big to be changed on the diapering table, parents will be contacted to come and change the child.


Calling All Tweens to Circle C (Teens 12- 14 years old)

Cruise, chill and connect – that’s what the Circle C Lounge is for. Tweens, or young teens, can retreat here to make new friends, play trivia games, and even get their arts and crafts skills on. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Activities like dodgeball, waterslide races, and scavenger hunts are held especially for the Circle C kids around the ship. We know this is so awesome!


Get Your Space at Club 0(Teens 15-17 years old)

Parents aren’t the only ones that want their “alone time”. Teens aged 15- 17 years old have their own place, Club O2 Lounge, to hang out, dance, and play video games.

After parents have registered their teen, they’ll receive a copy of the Club O2 schedule and are free to sign themselves in and out for each activity. After a week of energetic basketball games, killer karaoke sessions, and even a magical prom night, every teen will leave bragging about their vacation.

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No Kid Left Behind

Aboard a Carnival cruise, having fun is for everyone! Children with disabilities, aged between 2 to 17 years old, are more than welcomed to participate in any of the Youth Programs. With their excellent service, a variety of accessibility features, and loaned phone/beeper (if applicable) parents can feel at ease leaving their child with the Youth staff.

Children with disabilities also have the option to move down one age group (i.e. from Stingrays to Penguins or from Circle C to Sharks) if it helps them feel more comfortable and better adapt to the environment.

Note: Guests with disabilities that are 18 years old cannot participate in the Youth Program.


Choosing fun has never been easier. For more information on Carnival, click here.


Offer from Carnival Cruise Line. Cruises from $269 per person


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