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Club Med Sandpiper Bay Resort Review

Video Transcript

Host 00:18
Today we’re here at Club Med Sandpiper Bay in beautiful Port St. Lucie, and I’m so excited to have with you Claudia, straight from Club Med. Tell us all about this resort. I just can’t wait to hear all about it.

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 00:30
Well, welcome everyone to Club Med Sandpiper Bay in beautiful Port St. Lucie, Florida. Club Med is all around the world with beach resorts and ski resorts. But this resort is special because we’re on the beautiful Port St. Lucie River, an easy destination in Florida.

Host 00:44
And the ONLY all-inclusive resort in the United States. Claudia, I can’t wait for you to show me all the exciting amenities, activities, everything there is to do here at Club Med Sandpiper Bay. Let’s go!

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 00:57
Let’s go.

Host 01:04
Claudia, let me just tell you, ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of trying my skills out on the trapeze. And now I can. I’m so excited. Is anybody able to just go and do trapeze here?

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 01:15
Well, the Club Med Circus School starts at four years old! Four year olds can learn how to do the trapeze here. We separate our children into different age groups all the way up through adults, they can learn how to do the trapeze. Once they know, they can learn how to be caught while doing the trapeze. And we even do circus shows on property. So really, it’s an all-inclusive experience, including the circus show.

Host 01:36
This is phenomenal and a dream come true for me. I can’t wait.

Claudia, I just love the view of the Port St. Lucie River from my terrace. Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about the different accommodations here at Sandpiper Bay.

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 01:51
Well, we do definitely have a variety of room accommodations to meet everyone’s needs, from singles traveling together to the multi generational family groups. Definitely we can meet everyone’s configurations.

Host 02:01
Awesome. Claudia, these are some amazing tennis courts we have here. I’ve seen many incredible ones, but these by far the best. And I also understand you have many academies here on property.

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 02:27
Right! And tennis is one of our biggest academies. We’ve got amazing courts here. We’ve got included all-inclusive our courts, our lessons, and free time for all of our players. In fact, we have our Tennis Academy kids that are learning while living on property. These are prodigies from all over the world, and the coaches that are training these kids are available to your clients at no extra charge.

Host 02:50
That’s fantastic. But I do have one question. What’s this?

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Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 02:53
Oh my gosh. Pickleball! Pickleball, I’ve been told, is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. today. So Club Med jumped on the bandwagon and we built pickleball courts right here in Sandpiper Bay, and you’re holding a pickleball racket and ball. Come play pickleball today!

Host 03:08
Let’s go!

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 03:08

Host 03:10
So apparently there’s a children’s program here at Club Med called the Mini Club. Claudia, tell us about that.

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 03:16
Well, the Club Med Mini Club program starts actually from four months old. Our Baby Club, ratios of adults to children that safe and secure, and with fun activities for every age group.

Host 03:27
Well, that’s just fantastic! That way the kids are having fun, Mom and Dad are having fun. It’s a great family vacation here at Club Med Sandpiper Bay!

Claudia – Club Med Resort Rep 03:35

Host 03:39
So if you want to take your already relaxing vacation to the next level, visit the Club Med Spa. Here they feature products by L’Occitane, and we’ve got all you can imagine from head-to-toe. Facials to full body massages, just come on in and make your appointment for an added costs.

Sandpiper Bay offers tons of activities here on property, but if you’re feeling adventurous, for an added cost, you can venture out and do one of the many excursions offered here through the excursions office.

Here at Sandpiper Bay, we’ve got multiple options for dining. Behind me we’ve got Marketplace, which features international cuisine. And also we’ve got Riverside, a specialty dining restaurant which offers surf-and-turf, so you’ll never go hungry while staying here at Club Med.

Just because the sun has set here at Club Med doesn’t mean the fun’s gonna end! Tonight at the theater, we’re having a circus show. And later this evening, right behind me, the famous white sensation party. I can’t wait to dance the night away.

What an incredible time I’ve had here at Club Med Sandpiper Bay with all the water sports, activities, fantastic food, amazing staff. I can’t wait to return. Don’t forget call your travel agent when you’re ready to explore Club Med.

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