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A Day at Travel Planners International

Joanita, TPI Employee“Good morning everyone!” This is my first phrase to my fellow colleagues when I walk through the door at Travel Planners International. It’s Monday, and I know I have a lot ahead of me, but I get myself ready and set out to make it a great day. Setting all my weekend adventures aside, I gather all my thoughts and energy, (a cup of coffee so to say). I prioritize my duties and then I start getting them done one by one.

I am in the Accounting Department and this department plays an important role in every day to day operations here at Travel Planners International. We have various roles and expectations and yes, we have to meet them in order to serve our agents in a flawless and timely manner. Multitasking in my department is key. I find myself replying to emails in the ticketing system, answering the phone, responding to chats among other duties. That being said, staying organized and having a positive attitude while working gets my tasks done promptly.

A quick fifteen minute break gives me time to catch up with what’s going on out there in the world. I usually watch CNN in the break room and before I know it, I have to go back to doing what I do best. It’s always nice helping agents with their questions. Whether it’s over the phone or on the chat, it’s funny how I sometimes learn new things from them, especially when I get involved with other department questions. That’s always a good thing.

The best part of my day is after lunch. Do you want to know what that is, (besides the meal I just had)? It’s getting you, the agents, paid. You see, this is when checks are dropped off from the Mail Service and we get down to having them reconciled. One by one, each check is reconciled, checked off and closed out. The good thing about it is that I always know that when we close out items, notifications are going out to lucky agents, along with the commission payments we have received for them. I bet that surely puts a smile on their faces. It’s always good to have a little extra money in one’s pocket, isn’t it?

At about 6pm, I should be ready to leave for the day. As I wrap up, I take note of any important messages or emails that are time sensitive. I make sure I have no pending voicemails as it is courteous to return calls. If need be, I leave myself a reminder on what I should prioritize for the next day. And yes, tomorrow is always another task filled day. I manage the same duties and perhaps some unexpected ones.

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I arrive and leave a proud agent of Travel Planners International every day. I am here to serve you, the TPI agent. How about you and I make every day a great day, always.

Joanita by Joanita Asekenye, Helpdesk Agent, Travel Planners International



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