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Enhance Your Career by Learning about Independent Travel Agencies

travelagents2Becoming a travel agent allows individuals to have a flexible schedule and the opportunity to operate their own home-based business. Travel agents get to experience the satisfaction of helping others on a daily basis, and it can be extremely rewarding to assist others with their business or vacation travel plans. In order to become an independent travel agent, you must work along with a reliable host agency. This resource can provide you with helpful training programs along with other useful information that you will need in order to get your home-based career started.

Travel Planners International provides agents with the support and marketing tools that are required in order for them to operate their own travel agency. Their mission is to develop, strengthen and support their relationship with the agents they represent in order to provide effective solutions for their clients. They strive to be unrivaled in the travel industry by constantly coming up with new ways to expand their professional relationships and opportunities.


All agents who use Travel Planners International as their host agency will receive 70 to 90 percent commission, robust booking and easy-to-use customer management platforms filled with various resources that will help their home-based business to grow. Agents also receive the latest training and support from a highly qualified team of experts.

The Benefits of Becoming a Travel Agent

There are many benefits to becoming an independent travel agent. Most agents get to set their own hours and work on a highly flexible schedule that allows them time to take care of other daily tasks. Working with a respectable host agency can provide agents with a reasonable compensation that will help to cover the costs of operating a professional business as well as a desirable annual income.

Getting involved in the travel industry is a secure career move since there will always be a need for people to travel for work or pleasure. It can be a very rewarding occupation that allows one to help others make everlasting memories or bold business moves.

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How to Get Started Building Your Business

Travel Planners International can help new or existing agents get started with building their own business quickly and easily. They offer affordable training options that can provide agents with the knowledge and skills they will need in order to run a successful at-home travel agency. They offer free web presence that is available at all times and helpful support whenever you need it. They also provide their clients with various marketing tools that help to ensure a professional and well-organized business atmosphere.

Let Travel Planners International Be Your Host Agency

Travel Planners International is made up of a group of experienced travel experts who have worked in the industry for many years. The company hosts various events and seminars throughout the year that teach and inspire new and existing agents on how they can operate the very best travel agency. They also offer helpful tips and advice online so that their clients always have a way to stay informed and in the know on the latest trends in travel.

Careers with Independent Travel Agencies

The travel industry is one of the very best to look to when it comes to choosing a successful and dependable career goal. Host agencies like Travel Planners International help individuals become qualified travel agents who are able to provide assistance from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose.

Travel agents can receive a respectable commission for each client they assist and can build their very own productive independent business with the right amount of training and skills. Travel Planners International provides their agents with all the tools and training they need in order to run a successful business. They offer immediate support, industry tips, and all the latest software resources to help guide their agents to a profitable future.


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