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Leveraging Your Host Travel Agency to Help You Become More Successful

Travel AgentThere was a time not too long ago when travel agent professionals were one of the only ways that individuals could book their business trips and personal vacations. With the rise of the Internet came countless new options, but many people still rely on the expertise and personalized attention of knowledgeable travel agents, especially when it comes to longer itineraries or specialized getaways. If you want to transition into a career as an independent travel agent, these tips will help you get on the road to success.

Gain Credentials and Training

For established travel agents who are thinking of joining a host agency, the ramp-up time will likely be very brief. However, for those ready to start a new career in the travel industry, training will be an important first step. There are a variety of options available to aspiring travel professionals, and you can choose from Internet-based certification courses, college degree programs and much more. Along with having certifications verifying your skills, you will be able to learn more about the travel industry and how to be a success in this line of work.

Find a Host Agency

How to start a travel agency may be the number one question on your mind, but the reality is that you can gain some help along the way by utilizing a Host Agency. A Host Agency is a large organization that helps you set up your own home-based or store-front travel business, and they take on a lot more of the challenging aspects to assist you and help you succeed. This allows you to have the resources, advice and experience of a much larger travel agency backing you, but you can still call the shots and run your business as you see fit.

Focus on a Niche Area of Travel

Many travel agents are successful at what they do, not because they know about every possible vacation destination, but instead because they have a niche area of expertise. Many individuals planning vacations opt for travel agents rather than generic booking websites because they want specific feedback that matches their interests.

Ideally, you might already have a niche area of travel that you are knowledgeable about, and that focus might be Disney vacations, cruises suitable for families or backpacking through Europe and creating a rail-friendly itinerary. The options are endless, but having a specialty can really set you apart from other agents in the travel booking industry.

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Market Your Services Online

In order to be a successful travel agency owner, you will need to get customers to book their travel through your business. To make that happen, it is important to market your services online and reach as many people as possible. One of the easiest ways to gain exposure is through social media, and you might utilize social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter in order to gain followers and gain brand exposure.

Market Your Services to Everyone You Know and Meet

In order to be a successful travel agency owner, you must let every friend and family member know you take your business seriously.  When talking to them, express your desire to help them in their next vacation planning experience.  When speaking let your passion for your business sell them on using you.  Also, any person you meet in everyday life, you should have your business card ready to hand them at a moment’s notice.  All it takes is to ask an open ended question, “Are you taking a vacation this year?”  From there you simply introduce yourself and explain that you can help.

Treat Your Business as a Full-Time Career

Starting an at-home travel agency can be a lucrative business opportunity for travel professionals with characteristics such as patience, drive and strong work ethics. Treating your business like a full-time job and giving it the attention it deserves will help you to grow your travel agency and help you reach your goals of success.

These tips can help aspiring travel booking professionals establish themselves in the industry and embark on an exciting career as a successful travel agent with the flexibility to work from anywhere – at home, from an office, or on the go from any destination in the world.

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