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Generations Riviera Maya Resort Tour

Video Transcript

Host 00:23
Welcome everyone! We are here today at Generations Riviera Maya Resort to take a firsthand look at this luxurious property for you. Today we’re joined by the senior business development manager of national accounts for Karisma Resorts, César Briceño. percent Oh,

César Briceño 00:38
Well, nice to meet you. And let me tell you the Generations Riviera Maya is one of our few family-friendly resorts we have in Mexico. And the unique concept about gourmet inclusive offers to the clients different amenities, services, activities and dining options.

Host 00:51
Well, we’re gonna go take a look at some of the rooms and all the different amenities here on the resort. So come along with us.

Host 01:01
Alright, so we’ve made our way to a three bedroom suite. It’s ocean front. César, tell us a little bit about this particular room category.

César Briceño 01:09
Well, we are right now as you mentioned, a three bedroom suite and actually a swim-up because we have actually a pool right outside the terrace.

Host 01:15
Oh, excellent.

César Briceño 01:16
This is one of the actually largest rooms in Riviera Maya. It’s up to 2800 square feet.

Host 01:20
Whew! That’s bigger than my house.

César Briceño 01:22
Yes, and mine two. And actually these, we’re in the middle of the three bedroom, and this is one of the categories, a luxury Junior Suite. And we have in both sides. We have a one bedroom suite. And we can accommodate, as I mentioned, four people in each one shop to 12 people

Host 01:36
So yeah, you can have your whole family.

César Briceño 01:38
The whole family.

Host 01:39
And the kids all the way to the grandparents. Since Generations Riviera Maya is a all-inclusive family resort for multi-generational families, we are here at the kids program today to check it out. It’s from ages four to 12 for Eko Kids. Now, César, what are some of the activities that the kids can do here in the kids program?

César Briceño 01:57
Well, at this kids club at Generations Riviera Maya, we have a special program which is called Little Eko Chefs. Actually, I would like to invite you later. We just set up here to invite the kids later. This program actually teach the kids to actually to cook. They actually can make tortillas, chocolate, even actually sushi. And they have also plenty of activities outside, like walk people and more. So they just need to come here and have the best fun.

Host 02:21
That’s awesome. So tons of activities throughout the day for the kids to do. The ball pit looked really nice. I feel like I’m gonna jump in that in a little, little bit. Um, tons of things to keep your kids occupied while you are enjoying the resort, enjoying the spa day, something of that nature. So it’s a really great time for the kids to have that experience while you’re enjoying the rest of the resort.

Host 02:39
And for the older kids, there’s the family lounge for ages 12 to 18, where they can come out and play some pool, play some foosball or just watch TV.

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Host 02:50
So part of the all-inclusive experience is obviously the food, so we are here in the Habb Restaurant. It’s one of the main dining restaurants in Generations Riviera Maya. César, want to tell us a little bit more about this particular restaurant?

César Briceño 03:03
Well, this actually Indian cuisine, but it’s not the only restaurant we have here. As you mentioned, we also have four more restaurant in Generations Riviera Maya. We also offer to the clients international cuisine. We also offer international gourmet wine restaurant.

Host 03:16

César Briceño 03:16
We also offer a Pan-Asian restaurant, and also another seafood grill restaurant outside.

Host 03:21

César Briceño 03:22
But the great thing about the options that we offer in Generations Riviera Maya is that all the adults have complete full access to next door Dorado Royale and Casitas.

Host 03:30

César Briceño 03:30
So actually we offer 13 options for dining in this complex, and no reservations are required here.

Host 03:36
That’s excellent.

Host 03:40
There’s two separate places here on the resort where you can enjoy a cocktail. There’s the swim-up bar poolside called Swell. It’s great to be able to hang out right there in the pool and grab a beverage, or you can come up here with the fantastic view of the entire resort at Sling. It’s an indoor cocktail bar, and, again, it’s adults only.

Host 04:03
One of the great services that’s offered is the concierge lounge. And this is where you can come to greet your concierge. You can get personalized services. You can make reservations at exclusive restaurants, like the Wine Kitchen. You can have special decorations done in your room. Or if you just want to plan for a special occasion, your concierge can help you out. Again, this is a personalized service available to all guests.

Host 04:24
So one of the great things here about Generations Riviera Maya is this amazing event space that they have on the roof of the resort. It’s called sky wedding. You can host a wedding here, family reunion, any kind of event, and it’s an amazing space that looks out over the entire resort and the entire ocean.

Host 04:43
The pool here at Generations Riviera Maya is simply stunning. It’s a great place to grab a drink poolside, and, if you notice behind me, there’s these amazing swim-out suites where you can actually leave straight from your room into the pool.

Host 04:55
So we hope you’ve enjoyed this inside look at Generations Riviera Maya And remember, if you want to book an experience for the entire family, contact your local travel advisor

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