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Marketing Tips for At-Home Travel Agents

socialmediaThanks to host travel agencies like Travel Planners International, there are an increasing number of travel professionals who can run their businesses from home. If you want to be a travel agent from home, there are a number of perks and advantages. While host agencies can provide some essential marketing tools, the following tips can also help you spread the word about your business.

Take Advantage of Social Media Avenues


According to the Pew Research Internet Project, a whopping 73 percent of adults use social networking sites. That means that travel agents who are looking to attract business should also be harnessing the power of social media in order to reach a substantial portion of the population.

While there are plenty of social media outlets to choose from, many successful travel agents focus on one or two platforms which allows them time to maintain genuine connections with their audience rather than creating profiles on multiple platforms without the available time to interact effectively.

Try to choose the social media platform that best fits your demographic. For example, Twitter may be perfect for young single travelers, and Facebook might work better if you want to capture the interest of mothers planning Disney cruises for their entire family. Pinterest is also a great way to share travel pictures and promote awesome destinations.

Face-to-Face Connections at Events, Conventions and Trade Shows

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While online and mail marketing campaigns can be tremendously successful, there is also a lot to be said for meeting individuals in person. One of the best ways to meet with a captive audience is to attend a travel-related event, convention or trade show. Attendees will be eager to learn more about vacations and destinations, and you can highlight your area of expertise in order to stand out from the crowd. Be sure to speak personally with as many people as possible, and don’t forget to leave them with a brochure or business card directing them to your website and providing them with your contact information.

Direct Mail and Email Campaigns

Over time, you may have amassed a list of individuals who used your travel booking services in the past, entered a giveaway on a social media outlet or contacted you regarding your services. While you don’t want to bombard these people with your marketing to the point of spam, you should maintain regular communication in order to keep your business fresh in their minds. Monthly or bi-monthly emails listing great destinations or a quick recap of upcoming events around the globe might spark some desire to book a vacation using your services.

Get Your Very Own QR Code

The quick response code, or QR code, looks like a square barcode and can be quickly scanned by most smartphones. With a touch of the screen, it takes scanners to your website, your latest business promotion or even a coupon. Since QR codes are still new to the scene, they can be fun to use and might increase traffic. These codes also cut down on the potential for individuals to type in the wrong URL when trying to access your website.

With these marketing tips, at-home travel professionals can increase their reach, attract new customers and see their business grow rapidly over time. Click here for more marketing tricks geared toward those in the travel industry.

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