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Lady Sandals Yacht: Travel Professionals at Sea

On February 25, lucky travel agents with Travel Planners International were invited onto the Lady Sandals Yacht, which was moored off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida. TPI has a close relationship with Sandals Resort, and the host agency books more Sandals vacations than any other competitor in Florida. Guests at the event were treated to a spectacular meal and even more impressive ocean views, but the highlight was a presentation on the upgraded Sandals Resorts. Meeting with tourism industry executives like Jake Coldiron and visiting resorts in places like Barbados are just a few of the perks that travel agents with TPI get to experience.
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Cruising With Kids? Don’t Forget To Pack These Items!

Cruising with Kids? Don’t Forget to Pack These Items!

Seeing (and exploring) the world through your child’s eyes is unparalleled especially when you’re traveling by cruise. It’s fun and easy! But keep boredom and tantrums at bay with a proper packing list filled with essential items. We’ve partnered with…

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Why Using A Travel Advisor Is A Piece Of (Free) Cake

Why Using a Travel Advisor is a Piece of (Free) Cake

Planning vacations can be exhausting and confusing, especially if you’ve never been to your dream destination. Why get frustrated over all the opinions the Internet has on the “best hotel” when your trusty travel advisor can do it for you?…

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7 Ways How To Stay Active On A Cruise

7 Ways How to Stay Active on a Cruise

Note: This article was originally published on Away We Go with Carnival, Carnival’s official blog, by Fannetastic Food.   Hi friends! I’m back for my second and final Carnival cruise vacation recap. If you missed the first recap (How to Eat Healthy on…

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