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Learn from TPI about the top experiences in the Dominican Republic.

3 Top Experiences for Dominican Republic Travelers

The Dominican Republic isn’t just another Caribbean vacation where you stick your toes in the sand and relax on a beach. I discovered that the Dominican Republic is a geographically diverse country. From rugged mountain scenery to colonial architecture, desert…

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4 Ways Millennial Travelers Pay to Travel

Millennials have shaken things up. Not only have they become savvy travelers, but they know what makes for a great experience and will voice their complaints [use social media to do so] when expectations aren’t met. In fact, Expedia conducted…

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Reimagine Azamara. It’s here.

Experience the incredible transformations onboard the voyage for those who love travel. Real authentic travel is at the heart of every Azamara Club Cruises voyage. With Azamara’s signature Destination Immersion, guests can enjoy longer stays, more overnights, and night touringSM…

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