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Travel News

15 Tax Tips for Travel Agents

The thought of having to prepare and file your taxes for your independent travel agency may send you a panic. Just take a breath and calm down because we’ve got 15 tax tips for travel agents to make tax time…

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Traveling to Ireland? You Need To Read This First

Each year, Ireland attracts millions of visitors via escorted coach tours. Travelers enjoy staying in and walking around cosmopolitan Dublin where they can step into a café or pub and chat up the locals. Another popular city to see is…

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Learn unique things to do in Cancun from TPI/Apple Vacations.

3 Unique Things to Do in Cancun

Hola! That’s “Hello” in Spanish. When you travel to Cancun, Mexico you may want to know a few words so you can converse with locals. But you don’t have to be fluent. They’ll appreciate your attempt to speak their language.…

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