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Have You Considered Taking a Honduras Vacation?

You may not have considered traveling to Honduras, but you may want to give this Central American country a chance to show you that it’s been slowly transforming its reputation. For example, backpackers love that it’s off the beaten path…

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7 Reasons to Travel to El Salvador

Many people often travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama but don’y consider traveling to El Salvador. It’s too bad because you miss the opportunity to discover archaeological sites, volcanic lakes, and forests. You also miss out on soaking up…

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See the Castles of Ireland (Some May Be Haunted)

You can’t travel to Ireland without seeing the castles that are dotted across the country. If you take a chauffeur driven or self-guided tour, you’re bound to come across one or more of them. Of course, an escorted “Irish” coach…

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Why You Should Absolutely Vacation in Guatemala

Guatemala has everything you’re looking for in a vacation destination. From history to culture, ancient ruins and brilliant colonial architecture, natural beauty and adventure, you’ll love traveling to the country – it’s known as the Mayan center of Central America…

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Why You’ll Want to Experience Belize

How long have you been traveling? If it's been a long time, you may be getting tired of visiting the same destinations over and over again. While there's nothing wrong with going back to your favorite haunts, you may want…

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Traveling to Panama? Here’s What to Do and See

Did you know that Panama means “abundance of fish?” It's known as The Republic of Panama and about four million people call the country home. Panama City, the capital, is a booming commercial hub with modern skyscrapers and 18th century…

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