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The Busy Professional’s Guide to Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent is easy when you have support from Travel Planners International. You can learn how to manage your time most effectively in order to gain and retain happy clients. You also have the best of both worlds: A team of professionals to help you and the flexibility that comes from working for yourself. Even busy professionals can turn their fantasy into a reality with excellent time-management skills and a drive to succeed.
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Leveraging Your Host Travel Agency to Help You Become More Successful

If you want to become a successful independent travel agent, one of the first steps is to train for the job. College courses, online programs and more can help you prepare for success. Having a niche area of travel as your specialty can also set you apart from others in the industry and drive business to your door. In addition, successful travel agents who treat their independent agencies as full-time businesses, dedicating the necessary time and effort, can create a very lucrative business for themselves. Finally, finding a host agency allows you to focus on marketing and clients and less time on web design and other technical areas.
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Explore the Appeal of Running a Home Based Travel Agency

Anyone who loves traveling and helping others might naturally gravitate towards a career as a travel agent. With an increasing amount of online competition in this industry, the best way to enjoy success with behind-the-scenes assistance might be to work from home with a host travel agency. This allows travel professionals to conduct business from their own residence, earn nice commissions, enjoy perks like travel discounts and carve out a niche career in the field. Work consists of using expertise in the travel field to help clients plan the perfect vacation package based on their needs and individual budgets.
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Marketing Tips for At-Home Travel Agents

For many individuals, the opportunity to work from home is a dream come true. Instead of clocking in each day at the office, you can tackle projects from home. Travel professionals who work with host agencies like Travel Planners International are able to spend less time working on invoicing and website design, and they can spend more of their day marketing their services toward potential clients. Some of the best marketing tips for at-home travel agents include utilizing various forms of social media, creating your own QR code, attending trade shows and using both email and direct mail to reach a target audience.
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Successful Tampa Bay Reception For Travel Industry Professionals

In order to market the fabulous city of Tampa Bay and all of its attractions to an audience of professionals in the travel industry, the Tampa Bay Tourism Board recently hosted a local event that several TPI employees were lucky to attend. Starting with fabulous Mexican cuisine and cocktails and finishing with prize giveaways, the event was a way to learn more from vendors such as leading hotels chains, airlines and regional attractions. This kind of event is typical of the perks that employees working with TPI can expect, and it is a great way to learn more about your field and keep your customers up to date on travel options.
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The Perks of Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

Being an independent travel agent is a career option on the rise. Many people are discovering the advantages to operating their own travel business from home. Find out if you have what it takes to open an independent travel agency and avoid the common mistakes that many new travel agents make.
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Enjoy the Ultimate Entertainment in Miami

The Norwegian Breakaway, the latest offering from Norwegian Cruise Line was recently christened in Miami. The star-studded ceremony was appropriate for the debut of the largest ship to homeport all year long at PortMiami. The good news is that even if you aren't a famous entertainer, cheerleader or TV personality, you can still enjoy the “good life” just like they do.
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Popular Culture Travel

Hello, my name is Audrey, and I'm a fan-girl. It's true. I even dabble in fan-fiction from time to time. I love books, movies, television shows, and history. Finding a combination of two or more of those equates to a…

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TPI Insight- The Experience.

My name is Joanita Asekenye. I have been with Travel planners International for 5 weeks now in the Accounting Department, and I must say that I do love it here. I got an opportunity to attend the TPI Insight on…

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