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Following a special diet is easy with Carnival

Dietary Restrictions? Carnival Has You Covered!

Vacationing a cruise is the perfect time for indulging on your favorite guilty food and drink pleasures. It’s a true no-judgment zone, especially from us. But can those on a special diet indulge too? According to Carnival Cruise Line, of course they can! Accommodating special diets on a Carnival cruise is overwhelmingly easy – and don’t expect boring, bland food either! The Fun Ship cruise line has plenty of delicious options for passengers that adhere to a special diet (vegetarian/vegan, kosher, gluten-free) or have some sort of dietary restriction (low-fat, low-cholesterol, nut allergy) they can’t disregard.

“Most simple diet requirements can be accommodated onboard,” said Kirsten Sanchez, Business Development Director for Carnival. “Once onboard, guests should speak with their headwaiter or dining room host(ess) in advance, so they can assist in planning daily meals in the dining room.”


Keep reading below to find out exactly how Carnival accommodates all their guests with special diets.



Carnival takes you beyond the “here’s a garden salad and French fries” route. (However, feel free to load up on the salad and fries if that’s what you’d like). According to vegan blogger, Andrea from Oh Dear Drea, it was overwhelmingly easy to find vegan options onboard.


The buffet and main dining room will always have vegetarian/vegan-friendly options for breakfast. However, if you want to start your day with something different, try the veggie breakfast burrito at BlueIguana Cantina. As for dinner, you can’t miss the veggie burger at Guy’s Burger Joint . It’s a crowd favorite!


Gluten-Free Diets

In early 2017, over 3.1 million Americans adopted a gluten-free diet. So it only makes sense that Carnival implemented gluten-free dining options across their fleet. According to Sanchez, it’s recommended that those that follow a gluten-free diet discuss their meal options with the head waiter or dining room host(ess) in the main dining room on the first night of the cruise. Carnival also keeps several food items readily available like:

  • Bread
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream
  • Estrella Daura Beer
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka


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For cruising guests that conform to Jewish dietary laws, Carnival offers Glatt Kosher meals. Some meals you can expect while onboard are stuffed cabbage, spinach kugel, roast turkey, veal roulade, risotto, and a lot more. Don’t worry about cross contamination because the meals are delivered to the ship in frozen containers with double sealed plastic wrap.


Make sure your travel agent requests your Kosher meal up to two weeks prior sail date. If you’re sailing in Europe, requests can be made up to eight weeks in advance.



Guests can also request vegetarian or non-vegetarian Indian meals. While this accommodation is available fleet-wide, the meals vary per ship and per itinerary. Keep in mind that requests for the Indian meals only apply to the Main Dining Room during brunch, lunch, and dinner. And just like the kosher meal requests, have your travel agent submit the requests up to two weeks in advance from sail date.


Whether it’s just you or the whole family with a special diet, everyone can indulge and eat up on your next Carnival cruise!


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