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Travel Planners International Announces Partnership with Tourism Cares

Travel Planners International [TPI] announced Tourism Cares as their 2019 Signature Charity. This is the first-ever partnership of the like for the family-owned host agency. TPI’s goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of 2019 for the non-profit.

“Picking Tourism Cares as our first-ever Signature Charity was an easy decision,” said Jenn Lee, TPI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We recognize that our agents go beyond booking travel. They’re small business owners that are curating the future of travel, they’re ambassadors of the world. Tourism Cares is doing just that. It was truly a no-brainer.”

Prior to the official announcement, TPI disclosed the partnership and goal detail to over 200 agents at their annual conference, TPI Rocks. By the end of the week, TPI agents donated $5,466. TPI President and Executive Vice President, Ken and Tony Gagliano Jr, respectively, matched the donation. It brought the grand total to $10,932.

“TPI’s partnership with Tourism Cares is important to us on both a personal level and a professional level,” said Janet and Jeff Blackwell, owners of Tidewater Cruise and Travel and TPI agents, who donated at TPI Rocks.

“On a professional level, the partnership represents an investment in the future of our industry. Personally, we’re big believers in social responsibility [and] sustainable travel. Whether it’s adopting a neighborhood and revitalizing it to create a more desirable destination or providing support to hurricane-ravaged areas, a contribution to Tourism Cares pays dividends years into the future. We were pleased to do our little part.”

“We’re honored to partner with an organization that believes in supporting the destination we so frequently travel to. Without these destinations, there wouldn’t be travel agents or a travel industry,” said Ken Gagliano.

Tony Gagliano Jr shared the same sentiment and said, “It gives me great satisfaction to be able to give back and to know I’m giving to people and places in need.”

Tourism Cares focused on resilient destinations in 2018 as climate change and natural disasters continue to impact people and places in our industry. The organization’s next program will be Tourism Cares for Puerto Rico from May 8-10, 2019.

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“We are so grateful to have been chosen as TPI’s first ever signature charity,” notes Paula Vlamings, Tourism Cares CEO. “The stronger our community is, the greater our collective impact can be.  It’s an honor to work with the TPI agents who are dedicated to making sure more people and places benefit from the tourism economy.”

The partnership also launches TPI’s 2019 marketing message, #BetheCurator. The #BetheCurator campaign encourages the travel industry to go beyond booking travel, influence the local community, and curate the future of beloved destinations.

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About Tourism Cares

Tourism Cares, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advances the travel industry’s positive impact to help people and places thrive. We believe it’s in all our best interest to support the destinations our industry depends on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper. We mobilize the entire industry to use its business as a force for good by convening, educating and motivating all sectors to make a positive impact through travel. You can follow @TourismCares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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