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The Most Popular Viking River Cruise: Grand European Tour

Have you dreamed of traveling through the heart of Europe? Your dream can become a reality with the Grand European Tour, the most popular river cruise offered by Viking Cruises. The 15-day voyage gives you highlights of the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers.

Imagine seeing Holland’s windmills and tulip fields, fairy-tale castles in Germany, the picturesque vineyards of Austria’s Wachau Valley, and panoramic views of imperial Budapest.

Hear and appreciate the genius of Mozart.

Close your eyes and picture yourself savoring a decadent Sachertorte (a traditional chocolate torte) in a Viennese café.

It’s easy to see why the Grand European Tour is their most popular river cruise. Read on to learn more about it.

Grand European Tour: What Makes This the Most Popular Viking River Cruise?

Thirteen Unique Longships

Their award-winning Viking Longships showcase innovative engineering, streamlined Scandinavian design and understated elegance for the most comfortable river cruise experience available.

Longships have 95 spacious outside staterooms (2 Explorer Suites, 7 Veranda Suites, 39 Veranda Staterooms, 22 French Balcony Staterooms and 25 Standard Staterooms). Because of their patented corridor design, all suites feature two full-size rooms with a veranda or a wraparound balcony off the living room and a French balcony in the bedroom.

Pre- and Post-Cruise Extension Packages

Extend your cruise with a pre-cruise extension in Amsterdam! You’ll spend two nights in the city and be centrally located near key sites like the Anne Frank House and Museum Square. You also get two breakfasts, a guiding walking tour, hotel and ship transfers, and services of a Viking host.

The post-cruise extension in Prague, the “City of a Hundred Spires,” includes three nights in the city, three breakfasts, a guided city tour, hotel and ship transfers, and services of a Viking host.

Visit and Experience Quintessential European Cities

You probably didn’t think it was possible to visit and experience Europe’s most vibrant cities, but that’s exactly what you get to do on the Grand European Tour river cruise. You board your ship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and have the afternoon to relax and explore the charming city on your own.

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During your voyage, you’ll stop and explore the following cities:

• Kinderdijk, The Netherlands
• Cologne, Germany
• Koblenz, Germany
• Miltenberg, Germany
• Würzburg, Germany
• Bamberg, Germany
• Nuremberg, Germany
• Regensburg, Germany
• Passau, Germany
• Melk, Austria
• Vienna, Austria
• Budapest, Hungary

In Cologne, Germany, you’ll see Roman ruins and interesting neighborhoods and spend time in wonderful museums like the Fragrance Museum and the Chocolate Museum. Yummy!

While in Vienna, Austria, you may take an optional tour to Schönbrunn Palace, the “Versailles of Vienna,” erected in 1778 and graced by a number of formal gardens, Grecian statuary, the world’s oldest zoo and Roman ruins.

It’s obvious why past and current guests have chosen the Grand European Tour, the most the popular Viking river cruise. You’ll have much to do and see while cruising and stopping along the Rhine, Danube and Main Rivers.

Say “Yes” to Traveling Through the Heart of Europe

Imagine taking the 15-day magical Grand European Tour, the most popular river cruise from  Viking Cruises. You sail along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers and see the best of The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Not only do you get to enjoy exceptional accommodations on board your Longship and get to know the other guests, but you can immerse yourself within the culture of your destinations.

You can enjoy concerts on board and on shore, ranging from Austrian classics to baroque organ music; attend lectures on current affairs in Germany, Holland and the European Union; and experience the wonderful scents of a Viennese market. Maybe in Passau, you’ll hear a special concert played on the largest pipe organ in Europe in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Perhaps you’ll travel in December, so you can visit the Christmas markets and buy gifts for family and friends that you probably would not find at home.

Doesn’t this sound good? Yes, it does!

Contact your Travel Planners International agent today and ask about booking the Grand European Tour, the most popular river cruise from Viking Cruises!

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