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Spend the Holidays on a European River Cruise

Viking River CruisesFor many, the holiday season is the perfect time of year to escape everyday life and set off on a cruise that takes passengers to new destinations around the globe. While cruises to places like Hawaii and the Caribbean might be a popular alternative to winter weather, there is something truly spectacular about seeing the cities of Europe around the holidays.

Viking River Cruises let you experience the vibrancy of a European holiday without the hassle of traveling from city to city on planes or trains. Whether you are an independent travel agent planning a getaway for clients or you are creating your very own holiday experience, here are some of the perks of a European Christmas river cruise.

See Multiple Destinations in the Christmas Spirit

Viking River CruisesPerhaps the biggest and best reason to set off on a European holiday river cruise is for the opportunity to see Europe decorated for the Christmas season.

The Gothic cathedral called Dom in Cologne, Germany, is always stunning and illuminated with a nativity and hundreds of candles it takes on a breathtaking quality.

Strasbourg, a city that combines the best of French and German culture, is most appealing during November and December, when Christmas markets dominate the city and draw in travelers who love the holiday season, warm mulled wine and beautiful decorations.

Whether you set sail along the Danube River, the Rhine River or the Elbe River, the ports you call upon will offer the best of lights, scenery and a welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy Epic Holiday Meals At Sea

Viking River CruisesFor culinary enthusiasts, one of the best parts of a European river cruise is the chance to enjoy the finest meals in places like Germany, France and Italy.

However, you certainly won’t want to forget about the showstopping meals that will be served onboard. Whether you are cruising in April, August or December, the food and drinks are topnotch and rival upscale restaurants anywhere on the globe.

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During the holiday season, however, there are some special touches that passengers love. Every Viking River Cruise that departs in November, for example, features a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to the vacation.

Experience Europe Without the Crowds

Viking River CruisesMany travelers who want to visit the biggest and most beautiful cities in Europe opt to do it during the summer when schools are not in session and it is easier to take time off from work.

While the weather is often pleasant during the summer, visiting during Europe’s busiest tourist season means that all the attractions you want to see will be packed, there will be long lines to wait in and it might even be too hot to comfortably enjoy sightseeing on foot.

During the winter, you won’t have to fend off crowds, and museums, galleries and landmarks will be a lot more pleasant. That gives you more time to explore, and it also gives you a more realistic picture of what life is like in French, German, Swiss or even Italian cities.

For holiday travel that includes luxury, comfort and the unmatched potential to visit a variety of destinations in one trip, a river cruise in Europe can be the perfect choice.

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