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Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Planners International

Travel Planners International Hires Leading Strategist Jenn Lee to Spearhead Company’s Vision

Travel Planners International (TPI), one of the leading host agencies in the nation supporting travel professionals, has caught a big fish by the name of Jenn Lee!

Lee accepted the role of VP of Sales & Marketing to manage the new direction of Travel Planners International.

With over 30 years of experience building, managing, and training sales teams for Fortune 500 companies like Ryland Homes and Premiere Farnell, it’s no wonder TPI picked Lee to fulfill the new position of VP of Sales & Marketing. Her natural talent for elevating companies to the next level began in the early 80’s as one of Marriott Vacation Club’s first employees where she cut her teeth working with the company in its’ infancy and helping it rapidly grow.

Software Support, Inc. was next on Lee’s list, working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment alongside the owner as they developed the first-ever, 24-hour technical support company for the emerging personal PC market. Fast forward to 2008, Lee left the corporate grind behind and launched her consulting and speaking business on a mission to help America’s entrepreneurs make good decisions with where they spend their time and resources, “Working with crazy, sleep deprived entrepreneurs is what gets me out of bed at 5:00am every morning!”

“We hired Jenn Lee as our VP of Sales & Marketing, a new but desperately needed executive position, to fulfill TPI’s new direction,” said Ken Gagliano, President of TPI. “Since transforming from a host agency to a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professionals, we needed to bring in a talented individual to fulfill this new mission and Jenn is just that person.”

Supporting the new initiatives, TPI needed a strong individual with ample experience working in a variety of areas to develop innovative, strategic and tactical sales and marketing plans, and maintain consistent communication amongst all areas of the company during the rollout of TPI’s rebranding.

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“The old TPI only offered travel agents a better way of doing business and selling travel, but we wanted to offer so much more to our agents and preferred suppliers” said Gagliano.

The new phase of TPI now offers continuing educational opportunities for agents, providing agents tools to grow their business, connect agents to consumers through specific marketing objectives such as the Onward Traveler e-newsletter, social media exposure, TPI’s new consumer-facing website where consumers are placed directly in front of a specialized TPI agent to build and book the perfect vacation, and provide the best and latest travel specials offered by preferred industry suppliers for agents to offer their clients.

“Jenn started as a consultant with us last March; her spot-on advice and business mindset got TPI to a solid position, ready to run marathons around the competition,” said Gagliano. “There was always a vision for TPI, but just recently that vision was brought to life through Jenn’s hard work and dedication.”

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