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How Can a Travel Advisor Make Money During a Pandemic

How Can a Travel Advisor Make Money During a Pandemic?

Sell Travel Now Options
Use this time as a travel advisor to market and sell the “travel now” opportunities. Domestic travel and Mexico are HOT, yet consumers aren’t quite sure what’s the right fit for them. Marketing what is open NOW will help your phone ring. There is a school of thought with sales…the more proactive you are, the more your phone will ring. Keep marketing what’s available and NOW. Staycations, Statecations, and Americations are helping many travel advisors keep the money flowing in. We outline several ideas in our Fiercely Forward Formula Resource Guide.

Charge Fees
Yes, this seems very overwhelming for many advisors right now. We loved the recent Travel Market Report Master Advisor Series. The series talked all about how a travel advisor should charge fees now. We’ve heard advisors help clients choose the right restaurants and activities for an already planned vacation. The travel advisor charges a nominal fee, giving clients peace of mind.

Find New Clients
Many advisors are looking into their current databases and social pages for leads. Pop into Facebook and LinkedIn groups for your local community, neighborhood, or demographic you focus on. Offer your expertise as a travel advisor in answering questions about what’s happening in travel. This isn’t about selling – it’s about educating. Most consumers are very interested in what’s happening. Show your stuff as a travel advisor, and your phone will ring.

Take Over an Agency
It is no secret that many travel advisors and agency owners are ready to throw in the towel. They are ready to retire or find someone to partner with. Now may be a perfect time to seek these opportunities. You don’t need to structure this as a purchase. It can be more of a gradual takeover with an equitable split for a period of time. Put it out there!

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Finance the Gap
Let’s face it – many of you just need a little help during the gap between what you have on the books and what is coming in now. This isn’t much different than when many businesses are just starting out or looking to expand. Shark Tank yourself through the gap. Consider a friends and family “loan” or investment in your business.

This is also the perfect time to set your travel advisor business up for a solid financial future. Download our Fiercely Forward Formula Resource Guide for a copy of our Post COVID Profitability Plan.

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