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2018 Has Arrived

Fireworks in Venice, ItalyThe future begins now with the launch of Azamara Club Cruises® 2018 itineraries. 2018 will be here before you know it, and it’s never too early to start planning your clients’ next authentic travel adventure. Especially with options like this.

Where in the world would you like to go in 2018? From the tropical West Indies to the stunning Mediterranean to the Land Down Under, if there is a destination your clients always wanted to experience, there is a good chance they can get there on 70 Azamara voyages in 2018. And once they get there, they’re just getting started.

In keeping the focus on Destination Immersion®, Azamara’s 2018 itineraries feature 228 ports, 64 countries, and five continents on 70 voyages. Each of these 70 voyages consists of an expertly designed itinerary with longer stays, more overnights, and night touringSM on every sailing. More time on land offers the opportunity to take a train ride through the deep green mountains of New Zealand, capped off with a traditional meal cooked over a pit oven of hot rocks. With overnight stays, you can spend an evening and following morning at a quaint Bed & Breakfast in the hills of Tuscany. And nights on land let you attend a show or two on the other side of the world. Destination Immersion® will be at its finest in 2018.

London, EnglandAlong the way, there will be many new experiences for both your clients as well as Azamara. Azamara will be making a maiden call at 32 new ports. 32! Highlights include many stops in Australia, the culturally charming Dundee, Scotland (a short drive from St. Andrews), the white sand lined island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and many more. And your clients can be there for all of them.

Azamara’s two ships, Azamara Journey® and Azamara Quest®, will both be welcoming in the new year from opposite sides of the world. In January 2018, Azamara Quest will set sail from Miami, Florida, en route to several culturally rich destinations throughout Central and South America. On the very first voyage of the year, Azamara Quest will spend a day in transit through the Panama Canal, an experience that is only made possible by the ship’s smaller size.

Monte Carlo, MonacoIn April, Azamara Quest heads across the Atlantic, from Miami, Florida to Lisbon, Portugal, where it remains in the stunning Mediterranean through October, long enough for a stop in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Guests on this voyage will have the opportunity to attend the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, the most famous formula one race in the world. The Grand Prix is one of many world events that Azamara guests can take part in in 2018, including the Cannes Film Festival, Redentore Festival in Venice, the World Cup, the British Open, and more.

After six culture filled months in the Mediterranean, Azamara Quest explores some of the Arabian Gulf’s most iconic wonders and lesser-known hideaways. Dubai, UAE, Doha, Qatar, and Cochin, India are all featured throughout the fall of 2018. An overland tour to the Taj Mahal, anyone?

Doha Qatar

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From the historic Arabian Gulf, Southeast Asia and the wonders of Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are next on the Azamara Quest route, before concluding 2018 in the Land Down Under. A New Year’s celebration in the Sydney Harbor is a fitting way to end a year of great adventures, delicious local cuisine, and new experiences.

Kochin, Kerala, IndiaAnd to think, we’re just now getting to the Azamara Journey, which begins the year in Southeast Asia and Australia and sails to New Zealand in February, a country with lush tropic life on one side and snow covered mountains on the other. Napier, Wellington, and Waitangi, New Zealand may not be destinations on the top of everyone’s mind, but they will certainly not be forgotten after more time spent savoring the geothermal steamed meats and fish or spending a day in Hobbiton, the set for the Lord of the Rings movies.

In spring and summer 2018, Azamara Journey makes its way to the Mediterranean, where guests can walk the beaches of Normandy and later enjoy a beverage on the top deck while sailing up the Thames River before a stop under the Tower Bridge in London – all on one voyage. Northern Europe comes next, with a mix of bustling cities and serene countryside along this stretch of the year including highlights in St. Petersburg, Russia, Cork, Ireland, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

But it is tough to top the Mediterranean in autumn, so Azamara Journey ventures back for an encore before crossing the Atlantic from Barcelona, Spain to Miami, Florida. If ideal temperatures and plenty of sunshine are calling your name in November and December, you’ll find a place on several Azamara Journey voyages in the Caribbean, which bring 2018 to a close.

If that’s not reason enough to starting planning your 2018 voyage, Azamara has one more. With their new Early Booking Offer, your clients will receive added value in the form of Onboard Spending Money, available to spend on Land Discoveries® shore excursions, when they book their voyage a minimum of 10 months prior to departure.

  • Club World Owners and Club Ocean suites: $1,000 per stateroom
  • Club Spa and Club Continent suites: $500 per stateroom
  • Club Veranda staterooms: $400 per stateroom
  • Club Oceanview and Club Interior staterooms: $300 per stateroom

Get ready. 2018 starts now, and the future is looking extra bright, especially onboard one of 70 Azamara Club Cruises® voyages. Azamara is the voyage for those who love travel and 2018 will be a great year to do so.

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