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5 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam This Spring

NetherlandsThe capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, a cosmopolitan and historic city known for its incredible wildlife as well as its world-class museums. Whether you are looking for a destination that offers nonstop action, breathtaking scenery over quaint canals or some of the best art galleries and museums on the planet, Amsterdam may be exactly what you’re searching for.

While visiting Amsterdam at any time of year can be amazing, these six reasons capture why seeing the Dutch city in the spring can be especially wonderful.

It’s The Perfect Time to See Dutch Tulips

One of the most iconic symbols of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands as a whole, is the colorful tulip. What better time to visit than when the tulips are in full bloom during the spring months?

TulipsAround the middle of March, Amsterdam’s local markets will start to fill up with bright tulips in a variety of colors, and for many residents it serves as a tangible reminder that winter is officially over. Just a short bus drive out of the city will take you to Keukenhof Gardens, a stunning destination packed with more than 7 million flowers.

You can tour the gardens daily in the spring, but there are also several wonderful flower shows worth attending.

The Weather is Ideal for Sightseeing

A big part of Amsterdam’s beauty is that it is a completely pedestrian friendly capital city. To enjoy this to the fullest, visiting in the spring allows you to miss the cooler winter days as well as the direct sunshine of summer.

Cool, comfortable temperatures mean that you can spend spring days walking around the Medieval center, strolling along the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Canal Ring or enjoying the views in Jordaan.

Crowds are Minimal At This Time of Year

Tourism in Amsterdam peaks in the summer, which can detract from a lot of the local charm that the city has to offer. By visiting in the spring, you can enjoy all of the beauty and the wonderful attractions without the high ticket prices or any difficulty finding accommodation in the heart of the city.

Spring Boasts Exciting National Holidays

Spring is a special time of year for the residents of Amsterdam because the season boasts a variety of national holidays. These are days when parades, decorations and nightlife is encouraged, giving visitors a chance to really experience the culture of the city.

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King’s Day, where the city turns orange, is a big holiday, and so is Remembrance Day and Liberation Day, all of which take place in the spring.

Spring is Suitable for Evenings in the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is considered to be the heart of Amsterdam. After daylight savings comes into effect in March, the Vondelpark is a wonderful place to spend the evening.


Sunsets in the spring are between eight and nine at night, making the park a popular spot to meet friends, have a picnic or sip a glass of wine.

While there is no wrong time of year to visit Amsterdam, the tulips, weather and lack of crowds make spring a particularly wonderful time to experience the city.

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