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A Cruise That Will Make You Say WOW!

RoyalCaribbean_WOWCruising has always been a top choice for world-class travelers, but Royal Caribbean is kicking it up that extra notch with a WOW experience aboard the Quantum of the Seas. As one of the largest cruise ships on the planet, Quantum of the Seas has plenty of room to experience the WOW factor, and those unforgettable moments are what independent travel agents can highlight as the appeals of a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation to their clients.

WOW: For Your Taste Buds

RoyalCaribbean_ChopsGrilleDining has also been an enormous part of the cruise lifestyle. On Quantum of the Seas, WOW includes exceptional dining experiences. Guests will still have the chance to enjoy complimentary meals at restaurants like the American Icon Grill, The Cafe @Two70, Michael’s Genuine Pub and others, but the dynamic dining experience also includes specialty restaurants that rival Michelin-starred establishments in major global cities.

Stretch your culinary muscles at Wonderland, known for whimsical and unusual pairings and a quirky take on molecular gastronomy. At Jamie’s Italian, unearth the rustic Tuscan fare in a restaurant associated with the British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

WOW: Memorable Experiences on the Ship

RoyalCaribbean_NorthStarOnboard the Quantum of the Seas, the activities are designed to make the journey as absolutely unforgettable as the destination. Elevate yourself 300 feet above sea level in the North Star, a viewing bubble unlike anything you have ever seen on a ship.

If you want an even bigger rush, simulated sky-diving on the ship is suitable for teens and adults and will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

If it is relaxation in a stunning space you’re after, enormous 270-degree panoramic views in a glass room designed to allow you to enjoy the incredible vistas make up the heart of the ship.

Kids will love the selection of fun activities on deck that range from circus acrobatics classes to black light roller-disco in the evening.

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WOW: Thrills on Shore

RoyalCaribbean_ZiplineFrom the moment the ship arrives on the private destination of Labadee, Haiti, be prepared to be awed. Whether your version of a thrill is racing down a 300-foot slide called Dragon’s Splash or swooping 500 feet above the sandy shoreline from a zipline called Dragon’s Breath, the onshore element is unforgettable. Take a kayaking tour out at sea, push the limits of speed on a Wave Jet personal watercraft or try parasailing for a view of the ship that few people ever get to experience.

WOW: Selling the Quantum of the Seas Experience

With so many WOW elements, it is easy to see why people are eager to book their next getaway on the Quantum of the Seas. As an independent travel agent, you have the potential to guide bookings and help travelers choose the experience they will remember forever.

Destination_WOW_Sun_largeEncourage potential clients to see the appeal of this once-in-a-lifetime experience where every few hours another WOW moment transforms an ordinary getaway into an unforgettable adventure.

With the help of a host agency like Travel Planners International, independent travel agents can enjoy success when booking trips aboard the Quantum of the Seas. Click here to learn more about the perks of becoming an independent travel agent with host agency connections.


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